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My Notes 16-June-2017 16-06-2017

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The anniversary of divide

August 15, 1947 is a day of pride and sorrow for india. On one side it won independence and on other side it got divided with unprecedented communal violence in world history. On this 70th year India can celebrate its economic, scientific progress, electoral democracy, rule of law but still is paying price for the divide and hatred. Muslim league and Hindu Mahasabha are the torchbearers for the same.

Thomas Jefferson once said, we may consider each generation as a new distinct nation. A new generation of Indians and their growing disconnect with freedom struggle, its leaders and values is disheartening. Politics of the day are feeding on their ignorance.

Fueling other fires

Green fell tragedy in London reflects concern of inequality and social Justice. Whenever Governments resort to budget cuts and austerity measures the worst affected are poor. In UK conservative Governments budget cuts to local councils have made country unsafe.

No time to work

India has ratified ILO treaties about the minimum age to start work and working in hazardous industries. India has amended child labour(prohibition and regulation) act to prohibit child labour completely up to 14 years and in hazardous industries from 14 to 18 years.

On the other side, it has also exempted work in domestic enterprises from child labour and it can make enforcement difficult. Number of hazardous industries listed are reduced form 81 to 3 decreasing the impact of the law on eliminating child labour.


Shoots take root

USA fed has increased federal fund rates and it shows world’s largest economy has gained traction  and consumer sentiment is also on rise. It can be a good news for Indian exports that are slagging for a while.


Is media under siege?

There is a political and moral idea that media is a watch dog on governance of the day. It needs a fearless environment and freedom to operate. India ranks low at 136th position under press freedom index along with countries like Saudi Arabia. It is not in alignment with values of our democracy. Various factor responsible for the situation are

  1. Growth in social media.
  2. Polarized media ownership
  3. Government is still the largest advertiser for print and electronic media and it makes them dependent on Government.
  4. Weakening of morals and values in media houses.


Guaranteeing time bound services

India needs an ombudsman law to guarantee Services to citizens. Right to services act was enacted by few states in India. But, parliament providing for an overarching law will be helpful.




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