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My Notes 19-June-2017 19-06-2017

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New play ground for non state actors

Radicalized Islamist elements are growing in west and are taking a new direction.

  1. Soft targets and large crowd gatherings are focussed rather than high security areas.
  2. Terrorist groups are increasing in numbers due to splits and diverse ideologies. In this scenario, there is an increasing competition among them to prove through their actions. There is commonality in their tactics and techniques.
  3. Internet has changed how terrorism spreads. It mean that lobe wolf attacks and direct to home Jihad is on rise. Handlers remain anonymous and perpetuate terror from remote locations. It can be described as an internet enabled terrorism.

A Quantum step to a Great Wall of encryption

China is rising and is becoming a new epicenter of science. Their emphasis on quantum mechanics and cryptography can change how the world uses internet and safety of internet transactions.

The Unifier

Helmut Kohl – Leader of Christian democratic union and former chancellor of Germany was instrumental in reunification of Germany. Another area he majorly contributed is in bringing a common currency Euro for EU.

Contest vs consensus

President of India shall represent nation as the first citizen. So, a general acceptability among political parties is expected. It can only happen if political outlook and philosophy shared by candidate is in alignment with pluralism.


Food habits of individuals are a from of expression of culture, choice and freedom. In this context, recent Government of India rules under prevention of cruelty to animal are not sound both legally and economically.

  1. Legally, prevention of cruelty to animals act do not prohibit slaughtering of animals.
  2. Art 19(1)(g) of the constitution makes carrying any trade, business, profession as a fundamental right.


  1. It can threaten farmers livelihood and can be expensive for farmers.
  2. India is the largest exporter of beef ad it may loose export revenue.
  3. Leather industry is dependent on animal slaughtering. Socially, many of scheduled castes livelihood is made form leather industry.


  1. China led AIIB touts green growth.
  2. Success, the ZED way – how to improve manufacturing sector in India.
    1. Zero defect, Zero effect – India shall focus on quality improvement in its manufacturing sector to be recognized. focused strategiesunder the ZED philosophy(certification, productivity,technological depth, energy efficiency and IPR) are necessary. The initiatives under ZED Model, NationalProductivity Council andQCI need to be amplified multi-fold for achieving quality consciousness at theMSME level.
    2. Indian manufacturing sector is ultra fragmented. Here economy of scales are important with enlargement of capacities.






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