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My Notes 21-June-2017 21-06-2017

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Positive message gives  a feel good sense for people and has a strong message for politics. If we observe the Brexit debate, anti brexiters have focussed on a negative messaging. They emphasized negative consequences of brexit and instilled fear among voters. On the other side pro group instilled sense of nationalism and pride. It lead to loss of the anti group. Similar is the case with Britain elections. Prime Minister Theresa May focussed on negative effects to economy if labour comes to power and she lost majority.

In case of India. BJP has mastered art of positive political messaging. Ache din, sense of strong India, stronger Prime Minister, language of sacrifice have made people to admire party and Prime Minister Modi. Inspite of slow economic growth, high unemployment rates people are still hopeful.But these do matter in the long run.


Bringing GM to table

Major opposition to GM cross can be stated as a trust deficit and sense of precaution. Lack of transparency in the regulatory process and conflict of interest are the major reason. In India, organizations that are trying to commercialize GM crops are themselves involved in testing their safety through field trials. Data is also secretive.

Another aspect is there is a significant uncertainty over their safety, so precautionary principle is that country shall wait till a broader scientific consensus is achieved.

So, way forward is to develop regulatory protocols that restore trust in the process.


American Voyage

Prime Minister Modi has least to expect from his coming USA trip. President Trump has interests that cross with India on issues of trade, immigration and he also accused India of taking benefits of billions worth from Paris climate pact.

So, agreements are likely to be announced on counter terror operation, maritime traffic facilitation and trade.


Macron once more

President Emmanuel Macron’s La Republique En Marche has won the parliament elections too. It provides him a leverage to take forward his vision and economic agenda. They are a mix of right and left and involves austerity measures, increasing investments in strategic sectors and increasing scope of welfare schemes.

On moralizing politics, he is emphasizing on greater probity and corruption free politics. Added to this. He promised to reunite a deeply divided country and bring people back from extremes.


Op Ed

Ambassador of Pakistan highlights the following

  1. Framework for Comprehensive dialogue came up in 2015 is the silver inning in India Pakistan relations. But also emphasizes for a structured initiative on the front channel.
  2. He emphasizes that Pakistan can not have talks with pre conditions.
  3. As both countries are unable to find a solution after Sbi labor agreement he recommends for a third party mediation.


  1. Shri RamNath Kovind is named as a presidential candidate by NDA.
  2. RTI – section 24 of the RTI exempts security and intelligence agencies from RTI provisions, except in the case f allegations of human rights violations and corruption.



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