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My Notes 22-June-2017 22-07-2017

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A Moment of Realism

India and USA are going through a phase of churning. Powerful forces are trying to re litigate principles about citizenship, individual and collective rights, role of media etc. Inherent to this is a question of national identity itself.

On democratic front resilience of the institutions is also put for test. Removal of FBI director comey has tested this. In India, undermining diversity of institutions is been criticized.

After Trump has become the president, USA’s pursuit of strategic culture is been questioned. He made it as transactional. In this context, many of the strategic convergences that are existing between the countries are getting undermined. India do not appear to be a primary focus of president Trump. USA no more considers china as a military threat and economic ties are much intervened. Previously revisiting Chinese expansionism has been a shared interest between India and USA. Rise in defence cooperation symbolized this. Today Nuclear adventurism by North Korea is much higher on the list of China.

USA also has showed an inclination to mediate kashmir problem. It is against to India’s stand and USA is not active in reining Pakistan sponsored terrorism. On the other side, Trump is expecting India to play an active role in Afghanistan stability.

There are also internal rifts between state and defence department in USA. To Navigate through these, a strong willed political  leadership committed to ties with India is necessary.


The high cost of Ageing

Aging population in India is going to cause a huge stress on health care system. Here the major question is whether long lives in India have translated in to healthier lives or not. Multi Morbidity and disability of aged population are a major challenge to address. Here emphasis shall be on prevention.


Jailing a Judge

Karnan episode in Indian Judiciary have exposed some critical weakness of collegium and disciplinary process of erring Judges.



Where are the commons

Commons are collective public spaces of social life. It is a resource enjoyed by all. Reduction of commons in the name of development or illegal encroachments is effecting social life. It also have concerns of justice internal to it as poor are the worst effected due to reduction in commons.



  1. Saudi King names son Mohammad bin salmon as heir.
  2. Aadhar is made mandatory to get TB drugs.




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