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My Notes 23-June-2017 23-06-2017

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Keeping the sixth republic on Track

If French history is considered, there are 5 republics formed after French Revolution in 1789. . Among these, 4 have come after wars and fifth after liberation movement in Algeria. Formation EU and introduction of Euro in 2002 is often considered as a peaceful transition to sixth French Republic.

President Emmanuel Macron objective is to revive French identity with in the larger European identity. His election to president office is seen as a good sign for European Union integrity. If Angela Merkel wins election in Germany, a pro Europe leadership will be growing.


On economic front, agenda of president Emmanuel Macron is to be pro business and pro poor at the same time. It is going to be a great challenge. Fixing growing unemployment needs immediate attention. Here, president plan is to focus on skill development, retraining and ensure greater flexibility in labour markets. On the other side, to encourage investments and entrepreneurship a cut on corporate taxes is also proposed.

On international front, he showed firmness in expressing his opinions directly to president Putin on Russian Media and its inappropriate coverage. He also took a firm line on use of chemical weapons in Syria.

So, victory in presidential elections and majority in  parliamentary elections can provide for necessary operational space for President Macron. Mr. Macron’s challenge will be to keep his liberal, pro-Europe and pro-reform agenda intact while remaining committed to  fiscal prudence.


Debunking Myths about cattle rules.

Prevention of cruelty to animals(Regulation of Livestock Market) rules, 2017 are framed by the Government to give effect to the judgement of Supreme Court in Gabri Maulekhi vs Union of India and others case. In this case Supreme Court held that union Government shall prepare the rules under section 38 of the PCA act to prohibit cruel practices like hot branding, cold branding, animal sacrifices etc.


Game of thrones

Elevation of Mohammed bin Salman as crown prince can be hawkish and endanger stability in  west Asia. His actions to arm twist with Iran, Bomb Houthis in Yemen and to impose a blockade on Qatar appears to be impulsive actions.

On the other side, he has an ambitious agenda to make Saudi an oil free economy by encouraging private enterprise. His assurances on women s rights also appear positive. But, to what extent this reform agenda becomes a priority need to be seen.


The clean Up begins

RBI has directed lenders to initiate insolvency proceedings against 12 defaulters with volumes of loans more than 5000cr rupees. It is essential to deal with NPA s and recapitalize the banks to protect investment cycle.



Is prohibition the answer?


  1. Prohibition helps money to get directed towards health and education in family. It paves way for development.
  2. Poor health outcomes due to alcohol consumption can be arrested.
  3. Money savings  can provide for productive investments. Capitalism which grew on Protestant ethic is based on savings.


  1. Implementation of Prohibition is no where successful across the world. USA has tried with it for 14 years and finally lifted it finding it to be impractical and interfering.
  2. Prohibition has lead to consumption of more dangerous drugs and it also has criminalized certain societies where drinking is a social norm.
  3. It has worst effected tourism industry in states like Kerala. It also led to increase in unemployment.
  4. State revenues are also worst effected.

The best at forward is to encourage abstinence through groups like alcohol anonymous and providing de addiction centres. Kerala experiments on similar lines are highly effective. Prohibition  can not be a populistic measure.


It s not sedition

SC of India in Kedarnath singh vs union of India, Balwant singh case has clearly stated sedition applies only in the cases where there is an immediate  incitement to violence. It mean that use of section 124A (sedition charges) liberally can lead to violation of freedom of speech and expression under art 19(1)(a).


Inclusion in the Backward classes list

123rd amendment bill to constitution of india is meant to provide constitutional status to National commission on backward classes. 123rdAmendment says the President may by public notification specify the socially and educationally backward classes in relation to aState or a Union Territory.In respect of States, it will be done after consultation with the Governor.Thisclause has given rise to fears that the Centre is taking over the function of inclusion and exclusion of communities from the‘Backward Classes’ list.


But, SC of India in E.V. Chinnaiah vs. AndhraPradesh,ruled in 2004 that the President alone has the power to notify ScheduledCastes/Tribes, and when it comes to varying the lists,the State legislatures do not have legislative competence. If any variance has to occur it has to be by the law of parliament.



  1. Meira Kumar is the opposition presidential candidate.
  2. ISIS blows up 850 year old mosque – Grand Al Nouri and al Hadba minaret.
  3. India flags USA military aid to Pakistan
  4. USA has cleared the sale of 22 drones to India.




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