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My Notes 24-June-2017 24-06-2017

Dear students,

Please follow my notes and my video 24 june 2017



Mandsaur, the farmers story

  1. Farmers agitation did not receive the attention, it was supposed to receive in mainstream media. It can be attributed to the urban bias prevailing in it.
  2. India though an agricultural country, there is growing indifference of rulers to the concerns of farmers. It is due to lack of understanding related to political economy or sociology of agriculture.
  3. Government highhandedness to popular movements can corrode the texture of democracy.
  4. So, way forward is to have a strong civil society participation in agricultural policy formulation and to keep communication open with farmers and farming communities.


Limits of exclusivism

Incidents at Northern provincial council and highhanded behavior of Chief minister wigneswaran have exposed the fissures in Tamil politics of Srilanka. On one side, reconstruction program, constitutional reforms are not moving forward and on the other side, rise in Tamil politics of ethnic exclusion, blaming all ills on south is acting like a downward spiral. It is a also providing for Sinhala – Buddhist forces to surge.

So, the emphasis of politics in Srilanka shall be on engaging different minorities, progressive Sinhalese to realize greater democratization and economic justice.


A foregone conclusion

BJP by fielding RamnathKovind as presidential candidate is able to set the pace of presidential race. Majority enjoyed by NDA in Parliament and support from regional parties makes his victory in elections almost certain. Opposition by fielding meira kumar as a candidate tried to unify all political parties with out much success.


Engaging Pyongyang

Isolation and sanctions against North Korea have hardened its stand and made Kim regime more paranoid on the west. Recent death of an American student Otto Warmbier is an example of this.

Neither china intervention nor repeated warnings from USA are helpful. So, the way forward is to engage in talks and South Korea president Moon Jae in has also expressed his willingness for the same.



  1. President’s post is above politics says Kovind
  2. Brexit is an opportunity fro Netherland-India ties.
  3. Government claim on Aadhar card coverage Puffery.

A)     Many of the dead individuals are also covered under Aadhar. It is reflected in the Number of Aadhar cards crossing 110% in some states.

B)      Government has cited PAHAL as an example to prove benefits of Aadhar in arresting leakages in Service Delivery. CAG report has clearly stated that 92% of the stated benefits are due to fall in LPG prices in the International Market and only 8% can be attributed to various initiatives with UID being one of them.

  1. Lending a 3D printed hand – read about 3D printing.
  2. Premise to get Carnegie medal for Philanthropy.
  3. Saudi sends Qatar steep demands –  these include closing  of Al Jazeera, curbing ties with iran and shutting down Turkish airbase with in 10 days. Qatar has stated that it would not negotiate until diplomatic and economic ties are restored.



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