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My Notes 26-June-2017 25-06-2017

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Please Follow My Notes and My Video 26-June-2017.



New colors of the White House

Prime Minister Modi is on a two day visit to USA. Meeting between President Trump and Modi is expected to assess bilateral concerns of India with out going in to larger strategic issues surrounding Chin and Pakistan. Visit is also happening around the time USA is reshaping its Afghan Policy. There is a good chance President Trump can ask India for its contribution in Afghanistan.

President Trump turn Around in cases of China and Saudi Arabia shows a pattern of bargain that can be successful. India buying Guardian drones of $2bn is a positive step.

India and USA relations have their own mass and momentum. It reached its zenith during president Obama era. Today, Secretary of State Rex tillerson, defence secretary James Mattis and National security advisor H R Mc Master are the strong advocates of strategic relations with India.

Xi jingling. Chinese president is able to win a good bargain with USA using North Korea as a pawn. It made President Trump to have a soft pedal on South China Sea. He did not allow for any free navigation exercises.

Saudi Arabia and UAE are able to get attention and support of President Trump for their sanctions on Qatar, inspite of USA having a base in Qatar.

These examples state that India shall focus on shaping Mr Trumps views on Pakistan by making a strong business deal.


Whose privilege?

In india Parliament privileges are not codified. It is providing for discretion and misuse of privilege power to dissent voice. As presiding officer can make Decision on issues concerning privileges of house, committees and its members , it is a serious conflict of interest.

It is a settled mater in House of Commons that privileges of legislature are meant to protect freedom of speech of its members and not for protecting image of the house. So, way forward is clearly codifying privileges of legislature and its members.


Begin Smart

Smart cities can not be a solution to urban crisis happening in India. It needs understanding of problem rationally through data collected systematically. Data generated helps to fix responsibility on city managers and brings in transparency. If Chicago city is taken as an example, array of sensors are installed on streets for people to download raw data on air quality, pedestrian movement etc. similarly India also shall develop transport, waste management data for improving urban governance based on evidence.

Smart cities function as special purpose vehicles diverged from regular urban governance structures. It can create islands of development rather than an inclusive all round development of the city.



Restricting protests and stifling dissent

Right to protest or join protest is an essential part of free speech. Supreme Court also held that RTI is important component of freedom of speech and expression. Government by diluting provisions of RTI, through curbs on civil society and NGO, attack on Media and by keeping protests across the country nationalist narrative is trying to undermine right to protest.



  1. Whole world is looking at India – Modi - Prime Minister Modi in his visit to USA has stated that strong and prosperous USA is in its interests and emphasized the reforms India has taken to create a enabling environment for Business.
  2. Chinese foreign minister to mediate between Pakistan and Afghanistan.
  3. Modi recalls India’s dark night – emergency on its 42nd anniversary.
  4. NASA – ISRO synthetic aperture radar – a largest earth imaging  satellite aimed to study global environmental change and natural disasters is in doldrums as it was unlikely to get permission from president Trump.
  5. Appointment of Kenneth Juster as USA ambassador to India can improve US investments to India.



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