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My Notes 27-June-2017 27-06-2017

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A controversial inheritance

Institutions shall be strong and autonomous to counter any undemocratic tendencies through brute parliamentary majority. Supreme Court of India has got a mandate from the constitution itself to uphold constitutional supremacy.

Judicial procedures and principles of adjudication need to be changed only after thoroughly understanding consequences. A radical rhetoric and populism can cause a damage to the institutions in long run.

Justice Bhagwati in Indian Judicial history made a remarkable impact in improvising access to Judiciary. On the other side, he is also criticized for short circuiting basic principles of adjudication.He can be associated  with the following

  1. PIL
  2. Nyaya Panchayats
  3. LokAdalats
  4. Tribunalisaiton of Justice.

Justice Bhagawati role during emergency is also criticized. In a way it has legitimized emergency regime. In ADM jabalpur vs shivkantShukla case, he upheld draconian MISA and declared that even their right to Habeas corpus do not survive during emergency. Later, he also upheld National security act. In Minerva mills case he is the only Judge who supported supremacy of DPSP over fundamental rights under art 14,19.

On federal side, he has upheld art 356 use by janata Government on congress ruled states. In case of PIL instead of grounding it in principles and rules, he made it as a way for arbitrariness by diluting locus standii. In BandhuaMUkti Marchand case, he diluted evidentiary standards in PIL related cases. This all can have a potential of miscarriage of Justice.  It can be concluded that a looseness in legal literature entered in to Supreme Court.


Who’s afraid of Neutrinos?

Neutrinos are small chargeless particles released from Sun in billions every day. They pass through human body with out causing any harm. Neutrino observatories to identify them and understand their properties. They are absolutely harmless and unnecessary fears shall be kept aside.


Mending the rift

Qatar crisis is going through a next stage in which Arab countries have sent a list of demands to Qatar. Surprisingly demands they have stated are not been observed by them. Sanctions on Qatar are part of larger conflict with Iran.

So, treatment given to Qatar reflects weakness of UN system, International order and conflict resolution mechanisms.

Qatar issue can have a huge impact on India for the following reasons

  1. India is dependent largely on Middle East for oil exports
  2. Remittances majorly flow from this region and close to 8million Indians live in this region.

So, dismissing it as an internal matter of GCC is no longer a choice for india.


An old new tax

GST in India has failed to simplify tax regime. At best it was able to create only a common tax across the states but different tax rates for different product and for the same product at different prices still remain.

This can be attributed to the need to accommodate interests of state and politics of the day. So, GST reform may fail to see its fullest potential.




  1. At 399 ppm, india matches world in atmospheric Carbon dioxide levels.
  2. The following issues are expected to come up in Prime Minister modi visit to USA

A)     Foundational agreements USA is expecting India to sign.

B)      Conflict regions Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq, South China Sea

C)      Trade issues – tariff and patent protection in India

D)     Climate change, NSG and immigration.

  1. Pitch for stronger ties with Israel – India – USA – Israel are expected to form a triangular partnership in security and technology.
  2. India may ask Myanmar to end ceasefire with NSCN(k)
  3. Mexico and India to hold disarmament meet.
  4. Feud traps rs 7000 car mining taxes.





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