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My Notes 28-June-2017 28-06-2017

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Counting the strides

With out economic and religious challenge emancipation and empowerment of women at best Partial. It is stark in case of Pakistan. It is reflected in Gender Gap index. Patriarchy, Institutional and and state prejudices, cultural and religious practices are responsible for this.

If women needs to be emancipated, access to quality education is very critical. In Pakistan enrollment of girls and women in schools, colleges and universities is increasing. It is a welcome sign.

Political inclusion is critical for an institutional change to happen. Reservations for women in local bodies, protective legislations like protection of women against violence act, rising marriage age for girl can bring sea change in society and politics.

Increasing economic opportunities and mobility to enter public space and voice to express their views, access to media  will empower them.

On the other side, this entire process is guided by modernity and individual careerism under capitalism. This can make achievements only partial.


Pieces of complex solution

Government of India is trying to institutionalize Insolvency and Bankruptcy code. Important actors in this are National company Law tribunal,Insolvency professionals, bankers and promoters.

  1. On bankers front, commercial flexibility, autonomy to make decisions is very critical for speedy resolution of cases. Fear of prevention of corruption act may not allow them to act swiftly.
  2. In india, promoters play crucial role in management of supply chain, customers and regulators. Unlike west, bankers can not make significant changes in company management with out support of the promoters.
  3. National company law tribunal is not yet ready to handle complex task. It has to identify the Insolvency professionals and it suffers form capacity constraints.
  4. An Insolvency professional is expected to be capable,  impartial and independent. Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India shall develop a robust mechanism to select Insolvency professionals.

Warm in Washington

Prime Minister Modi and President Trumpmeeting has set the future course of bilateral relationship. India – USA Joint statement has exceeded expectations. It addressed India’s concerns on chinese one belt, one road issue, terrorism originating from Pakistan . But tone of the statement is soft on South China Sea. In Matters related to Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq statement emphasis on growing strategic convergence. Energy has become a new thrust area along with defence trade partnership.

On Trade format. Trump administration’s concerns are put on front with an emphasis on protecting innovation, increasing market access and balancing trade deficit. But Indian concerns on H1B, immigration process did not get much emphasis.

On the other side, Prime mInister Modi is able to develop a personal connection with family members of Trump by inviting his daughter to head entrepreneur summit to be held in india.


Op Ed

Interview with sitaram yechury

Crisis of left can be traced to the growing individual careerism and depoliticization among the youth due to neo liberal reforms.

In india, capitalism is still growing and classes are still being formed in a society already divided by caste stratification. So, any advance of revolutionary left has to be on both economic issues and social oppression.

Social movements in India are becoming a real opposition to Government rather than political parties.



  1. India – USA statement focussed on fight against terrorism.
  2. China protests against incursions and justifies turning away of Indian Pilgrims.
  3. On presidential election ms meira kumar held that democratic values, inclusiveness, social justice, freedom of press, transparency, end of poverty, destruction of caste structure — as some of those cherished values,which form an important component of an ideology she stands for. On presidential office she said that capability and experience shall supersede every other consideration while choosing an individual for highest office.
  4. Eu slaps a record of 2.4bn euros as a fine on google.



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