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My Notes 29-June-2017 29-06-2017

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My notes

Promises in the rose garden

Prime Minister Modi visit to USA – Highlights

Visit has reassuring affirmation of the relations that are established in the past.

  1. There is an arc of cooperation across the sectors including Defence and energy. USA has agreed to sell sea Guardian drones which can improve Indian capabilities on maritime defence. India also have offered its support to USA to join Indian Ocean naval symposium.
  2. On energy front, civil nuclear cooperation did not receive much emphasis. But India is expected to receive gas imports. There is also a mention of clean coal and renewable resources and technologies for India.
  3. India had good words for its cooperation in Afghanistan and in taking forward restrictions on North Korea.
  4. Both countries agreed to maintain communication and consultation on Afghanistan, west Asia.
  5. There is a clear message to china on one belt, one roads initiative that it shall not infringe on India’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. Along with this responsible debt financing, need for transparency is also emphasized.
  6. Both countries affirmed their fight on radical islamic terrorism. Syed salahuddin of Hizbul Mujahideen is declared as a specially designated global terrorist. There is an agreement on expansion of intelligence sharing, operational level counter terrorism cooperation.


Fighting an old battle

Rights of persons with disabilities act 2016 emphasizes on promoting mobility of persons with disabilities. But, imposition of 5% of GST on aides and appliances used by disabled is not in alignment with this.


Pay to publish

Paid news refers to a propaganda or advt to an individual or party or company masquerading as a news report or article. It is a grave election mal practice and is not recognized as an offence by Representation of peoples act.

Many of the cases, money spent on paid news is not represented in elections expenditure and is a punishable offence. Election commission is using this route to bring candidates to law. It is a reminder for the amendment of RPA act,1951. It shall be amended to include publishing, or abetting the publishing, of paid news  to  further a candidate’s prospects or prejudicially affect another’s  an electoral offence.


New tech, old values

 European commission has recently imposed a penalty of 2.42bn Euros on google for violating European anti trust laws. It is accused that google has used its position as a search engine market leader to unduly promote its shopping business.

This is a positive step as tech giants are stymying competition and reducing customer choices and welfare. Along with this, these have become Supra national entities regulating Governments across the borders. Penalty is a reminder for setting rules for global tech giants.



  1. Government to shed stake in loss making AI.
  2. PLA is constructing a motorable road at trijunctionbetween India-china and Bhutan, which Bhutan claim it as a part of its territory.
  3. China says entry through Nath la is only possible if India corrects its errors.
  4. Government unveils new hydro carbon policy – open acreging licensing policy - A single license to explore all forms of hydrocarbons, no oil cess, reduced rates of royalty are just few of the many enabling provisions which will stimulate in-vestments in the sector,”



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