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My Notes 03-July-2017 03-07-2017

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Written off in the hinterland

Our education has failed to integrate the rural in to the larger political community the nation.The objective of  Education system has become more of Human Resources development since Mid 1980s. So, the aim of education got connected with opportunities, skills and careers rather than values.

Development narrative is also pitched against rural India. Urbanization, change in rural urban ratio population are considered as a progress to modernity. So, policy focus instead of being on mass education it remained on selecting the talented rural children through schemes like Navodayavidyalayas.  Education has indeed exacerbated the rural urban asymmetry.


Climate proofed and inclusive

Climate change will worse affect the poor. So, any adaptation mechanism for climate change need to be made pro poor. In this context, climate proofing development is very critical. It again depends on our understanding of poverty and its dimensions in different settings across India. India can achieve developmental progress and SDG targets if it can become climate resilient.


Step Back

Ongoing sustained tensions at the Dok La tri junction is a culmination of misunderstandings between India and China since 2014. To deescalate tensions,

  1. Pre conditions will not be helpful. China’s pre condition that Indian troops shall withdraw can not take things forward.
  2. China also shall recognize special relationship of India and Bhutan and friendship treaty of 2007 that commits India to protect Bhutans interests.


Victory in Mosul

In Mosul Iraq forces fought shoulder to shoulder with Iran trained popular mobilization units as well as Kurdish Peshmerga militia and USA has provided necessary air cover. It can become a model for ongoing conflicts in west Asia.

Though Mosul is occupied by Iraqi forces, the bigger challenge is to rebuild the city and win over the hearts of people.


Thomas Piketty

According to him, if dynamics of wealth are considered world is heading to a future where inherited wealth will shape economic structures and can lead to widespread inequality. Super wealthy often use their influence to ensure better returns.


The Merkel Manoeuvre

Gay rights are approved by  German parliament even as German chancellor voted against it. It is an example for respect between different opinions and is necessary for social cohesion and peace.



  1. On eve of PM’s  visit, Palestine hopes to  keep India ties firm – Modi is the first Indian Prime Minister visiting Israel after formally establishing relations with the country 25 years back. In a recent visit of Mohammed Abbas to India, it is stated that resumption of Palestine Israel dialogue, acceptance of Palestine’s just demand for two state solution along 1967 lines with east Jerusalem as capital is the way forward. In this visit, India and Israel are expected to sign a strategic partnership in non security issues.
  2. Aerosols are shrinking Indian Monsoon.



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