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The organizing principle of lynch mobs
India as a nation is bound together by many factors. Shared memories of massive struggle against colonialism, elections, love for cricket, Bollywood etc. A strong political community is created through political rights guaranteed through constitutional democracy.

Important right given to the citizens in India is right to life and liberty. It is getting threatened due to actions of vigilantes. Supreme Court of India in manikanta Gandhi has clearly stated that any procedure established by law that can infringe on right to life and personal liberty had to be right,just and fair and not arbitrary, fanciful and oppressive. It is or the court to decide weather the procedure is just or not.

Vigilante groups are threatening this very fundamental right of citizens with impunity and state has become a mute spectator. It is making the minorities and vulnerable to confine to narrow spaces in urban ares. This spatial segregation is leading to ghettoization with dismal civil facilities. Ahmedabad is an example for this.

So, democratization of spaces and protecting their diversity is critical for our constitutional democracy to sustain.


Nothing learnt from history

Recently, Narmada control authority has decided to raise the height of sardar sarovar dam. Here are the challenges of this decision.

  1. Silting – it is the biggest challenge faced by dams world wide and the risk is higher big dams. Desiltation is also difficult in larger dams.
  2. Displacement – India has a poor record of rehabilitation of displace. Project affected people are identified as those who lost homes and agricultural plots.
  3. Bio diversity loss – blocking of normal water flow is increasing salinity and causing habitat change and impacting bio diversity.


Open Acres

The new hydrocarbon policy with open acreage licensing policy and National data repository together can make exploration attractive for investors.

Now under open acreage licensing policy can apply for the areas they deem attractive to invest in and centre puts these areas for bid. Previously, it is Government that chose blocks for auction.

National data repository is a centralized database of geological and hydrocarbon information that will be available for all. It can hep potential investors to make informed decisions. Hopefully, it shall help the Government to meet its objective to decrease oil imports by 10% by 2022.


The Delta Miracle

Mangroves are vital for bio diversity and they are facing existential crisis. Reasons are

  1. Climate change
  2. Bank erosion
  3. Pressure created on eco system due to economic activity
  4. Tourism.


They may call it anti-national

Democracy needs a debate and an environment to question policies of the government. It gives an opportunity for introspection and course correction by Government. Keeping every discussion, narrative and criticism in the binary nation vs Anti national debate will minimize this opportunity.


Why we should speak up for  Al  Jazeera

Al Jazeera as a media house provided for an alternative narrative missed by the mainstream wester media. So, Saudi demand to Qatar to close down Al Jazeera shall be considered as against to media freedom.



  1. Deregistered firms to face money laundering probe.
  2. Israel backs India’s defence against terror.
  3. Israel to work on food security in India.
  4. SC makes a maiden step towards a paperless court.



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