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My Notes 06-July-2017 06-07-2017

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Before the sluice gates close

Recent decision of Narmada control authority decision to raise the height of the dam can lead to displacement of lakes of people in states of Gujarat and Maharashtra. Inspite of clear instructions from Supreme Court on matters of rehabilitation Governments in both states did not take serious action.

Little rehabilitation benefit provided to few is also not complete. Projected affected people are narrowly defined as people who lost house and agricultural land . It excludes many of the people like artisans, agricultural labourers etc.


Speaking the language of change.

World development report 2017 governance and the law  is remarkably different from the previous reports of world bank. It has emphasized on the following

  1. Development is not just the expansion of economic freedoms but removal of all kinds of un freedoms.
  2. Governance shall deliver the goals of security, growth and equity achieved in ecologically sustainable ways.
  3. Report also emphasizes on the democratization process as a need for development. In a comparative perspective it has stated that multi party elections in Africa have led to reduction in infant mortality rate.
  4. Development also shall challenge the interests of power holders that control institutions.
  5. There is a greater emphasis on gender rights and equity.


Protecting prisoners

Prison reforms must be directed at securing the rights of inmates.

Prison inmates also enjoy fundamental rights. Judiciary approach has anchored in the belief that state is under obligation to protect residuary rights of prisoners after their liberties are curtailed through legal process for the crime they committed. Overcrowding of prisons, under trials, custodial violence all are the gross violations of human rights.

Union home ministry also have developed a model prison Manuel 2016 in alignment with Un resolutions. States shall follow the same.


Missile diplomacy

North Korea has recently tested an intercontinental ballistic missile that can hit Alaska in United States of America. It is a clear indication that USA warnings to North Korea are not having any impact.

  1. Stick and sanction policy with a reliance on china is not working against North Korea.
  2. International isolation indeed has hardened the position of North Korean leaders. It has brought only hardships to the people of North Korea.

The only way forward is to hold direct negotiations with North Korea. Having a leader like moon Jae in South Korea who supports talks in South Korea is an opportunity for USA.


An anguished farewell to Austerity

After economic crisis British Government has resorted to austerity measures to put the economy on track. It has led to cuts in pubic services provided by the state. The recent elections and unexpected support to labour who promised ending of austerity is a clear sign that people are against to it.

Recent fire accident in Grenfell Tower in London , terror attacks have exposed the impact of austerity measures on these public services.



India – Israel relations

Prime Minister Modi has signed MOUs with Israel Government in the following areas

  1. Water conservation
  2. Counter terrorism cooperation
  3. Space technology –electric propulsion of small satellites.
  4. Cooperation on atomic clocks.
  5. $40mn research fund named India Israel Industrial innovation Fund is established.


Selection of ECs must be transparent : As per the constitution of India Art 324(2) states that election commissioners appointment is subject to the provisions of law made by the parliament. In 1974. The VM tarkunde committee recommended for appointment of election commissioners by president of India on the advice of a panel consisting of Prime Minister, leader of opposition in the Loksabha and the CJI.






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