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My Notes 05-07-2017 05-07-2017

Dear Students,

Please Follow My Notes  and My video 05-July-2017.



The terrorisms we overlook

State has a primary responsibility to protect life and property of  its citizens. Social contract is built on this premise. States indifference to growing violence in the name of protection of cow can be  seen as a failure of the state.  corruption among pubic officials is also leading to suicides among farmers and marginalized. This is generating insecurity among the people.


Signs of a Persian Gulf

Iran’s supreme leader Ayotallah ali khamenei has equated Kashmiri conflict with situation in Yemen and Baharain. It is a clear indication that India and Iran relations are not going forward as expected. The issues that need to be noticed are

  1. Work on chabahar port is not on fast pace.
  2. Iran haven t decided on offering farzad gas field to ONGC videesh.

So, India shall work with Rouhani govt to ensure that bilateral irritants in fostering ties are resolved soon.



With higher taxes post GST, Tamil Nadu shall lift the price controls on cinema tickets. If not it will effect the industry itself.


Open to capital

China has opened its bond market to international investors though new bond connect scheme. It is expected that bond market will double in size to $18tn in next five years. It is a significant step towards opening capital account in china.  The various advantages are

  1. It will further boost the currency which will favour its internationalization.
  2. Transparency and quality of business practices are expected to improve
  3. It will improve the borrowing potential of chinese sovereign and corporates.


EC’s biggest challenge is  parties’  use of tainted money  in polls

Issues on which a student is expected to form opinion are

  1. Do we need to provide context powers to EC?
  2. Paid news and action of EC
  3. Inclusive elections
  4. Recent steps to fight criminalization of politics.





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