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My Notes 07-July-2017 07-07-2017

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Please Follow My Notes and My Video 07/July/2017.


Making of Monumental crisis.

India did not have proper institutional mechanisms and resources to protect its monuments. Ancient monuments, archeological and remains act,1958 has created a security net surrounding our national monuments. That is, no construction is allowed with in the perimeter of 100m radius. Now, ancient monuments and archeological sites and remains (amendment and validation) act is trying to dilute its provisions. India shall seriously consider its cultural and archeological heritage as natural heritage and shall protect.



Mr.Modi in Israel

Prime Minister of India’s first visit to Israel has a clear shift in Indian policy towards west Asia. Any dignitary visiting from India made sure to visit occupied territories and kept Palestinian leaders in loop. The joint statement also did not mention India’s position on dialogue process and two state solution. It can be seen as a departure from India’a moral support to Palestinians.


Déjà vu in Brazil

Lava Jato anti corruption movement that got former president Dilma rousseff out of the office also has exposed the present president michealtremer.

This in the midst of economic crisis is going to decrease the confidence of the world and investors on Brazil.


Op ed

Should we grow GM crops?

  1. GM crops can cause long term consequences on human health. Ex – glyphosate is proven to carcinogenous.
  2. It makes the farmers susceptible to the practices of MNCs and can raise the cost of cultivation and put them in debt trap.
  3. Bio diversity can be put in to danger.
  4. Regulation is not effective and conflict of interest is pernicious as field trials and safety data need to be generated by the company that has commercial interest.


  1. GMOs can address challenges of food security
  2. Imports of oil seeds can be reduced.
  3. Farmers can also be benefitted from higher yields and income.
  4. They can decrease the use of pesticides and herbicides and can protect the environment.



  1. Modi and Xi will not hold talks at G20 summit.
  2. Defence experts call for a political solution on present india and china standoff at tri junction.



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