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My Notes 08-July-2017 08-07-2017

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Substance and optics
India and Israel relations are steadily growing and have many synergies and complementarities. Israel has sympathized India on terror attacks and also completely understood India’a nuclear tests in 1998. Since than India and Israel defence relationship started growing  strong. Today Israel is third largest defence supplier to India. They range from Barack missiles to powerful Phalcon radar on AWACS.

On other areas, Israel has mastered water conservation techniques and India can learn from it. It helps India to face its water stressed condition. On Space, intelligence sharing both countries have MOUs for cooperation.

Personal styles of Prime Minister Modi and Benjamin Netanyahu also a reason for strengthened relation.


Redraw the lines for better planning

In India, urban governance have many parastatals besides corporations. They make urban governance chaotic and confused. There is no coherence in plans and spatial planning of different agencies are remarkably different from each other. So, no congruence and coordination is possible in day to day operations.

Here singapore model can be a better guide. In Singapore, urban redevelopment authority has developed a concept plan,  a common blue print that has divided the city in zones and regions. Every department is expected to follow the same. Similarly If India can make it can lead to integrated planning and governance.


Electric horses

Sustainability concerns gave impetus for new technologies. Growth of electric vehicles is an Example of this phenomenon. The major challenges in this are

  1. Range of distance the vehicles can cover on a single battery charge.
  2. Affordability
  3. Availability of raw material like lithium, cobalt and nickel for making batteries.



  1. Modi targets Pakistan at G20
  2. Aadhar not totalitarian –Government argued that aadhar is meant to arrest leakages in public service delivery. On the other side, it was argued that Aadhar is leading to a big brother surveillance state.
  3. President Trump and Putin discussed about ceasefire in Syria. 


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