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The think tank and Ashram

Ashram in Gandhian thought is a way of life. In this ethics, politics and knowledge are woven together. He viewed ashram as trusteeship. It is centre of ethical invention of new ideas for life. Swadeshi and swaraj were an outcome of such a ethical thinking.

On the other hand, think tank technocratises  knowledge and reduces to few intellectual spaces. It creates boundaries for continuous learning and free flow of information across communities. It promotes the myth of value neutrality of knowledge. It means it tries to disconnect knowledge from morality.

Think tank is too seduced by power and it can not be ethically autonomous to make its voice heard. On the other hand, ashram links ideas to lifestyle and livelihood by listening to inner voice. So, reinventing ethics for 21st century is a task for ashram.


Bring the house up to date

The balance between fundamental rights and parliamentary privileges must be reexamined.

Parliamentary privileges have originated in UK to protect the legislative members from the tyranny of monarch. It also shall be seen in the context that parliamentary sovereignty exists in U.K. 

India has imported parliamentary privileges form UK and art 105 and 194 clearly states that privileges of legislature shall be from time to time be defined by the legislature and until than they shall. Be as those of the House of Commons in UK. It means constitution has kept a responsibility on the parliament to define privileges.

Parliament not codifying privileges of the house and member is providing arbitrariness and too wide power for legislators. The codification of privileges is basically resisted because it would subject privileges to the scrutiny of fundamental rights and hence to Judicial scrutiny.

Internationally if compared. Australia has codified the same in 1987. In UK utterances and acts defamatory of parliament or its members are no more treated as privilege questions. India also shall codify privileges of its legislatures and their members.


The Hamburg tussle

The present G-20 summit is held in the midst of global crisis. – that is, challenges of immigration, terrorism, cyber security issues, protectionism. Global leaders are able to make a commitment to fight protectionism while recognizing legitimate trade defence instruments.


Targeting Trawling

Srilanka has banned bottom trawling by law and it will attract a possible two year prison and a fine of 50,000 rs. This can help to make fishing sustainable.

But for fisherman from Tamil nadu, it can threaten livelihood. So, the way forward is to make the transition to deep sea fishing with necessary equipment as quick as possible.


Reading between Numbers

  1. This year theme for world population day is access to family planning.
  2. As per UN projections India is expected to overtake China in population size by 2024. In this context, following are important

a)      Any developmental planning shall take this population change in to consideration.

b)      Developmental investments in areas of Health, education is expected to raise.

c)       Demographic composition also need to be understood. As of now in India, demographic dividend exists as young work force is high in number. Lack of skills is the major challenge.

d)      Rise in population and policies there after can penalize women. Reproductive choices for the women are expected to reduce. So, girls education and easy access to voluntary contraception are particularly important. So, enlargement of choices and education can fight population rise.

e)      In India, population growth is also coming form the dangerous competition for power and strength. There is an increased push for greater conception to raise the numbers. Here women gets victimized.


The great Indian Migration

In India south is ageing and north has young population. So, next spell of economic growth is expected to come in north. This also increases migration from North to south. So, socio economic aspects of this need to be analysed.



  1. Cyber attack link to glitches in RJio, NSE under probe.  
  2. NGOs get time to furnish replies to save FCRA licenses.
  3. Tamil Nadu reports first Zika case. 


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