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My Notes 12-July-2017 12-07-2017

Dear Students,

Please Follow My Notes and My Video 12-July-2017.


Paint the United colours of India

The sangeetha Parivar saffron agenda must not dictate the country’s foreign policy

Indian foreign policy engagement was always secular. But, recent actions of the Government of India are going against this. They are

  1. Refugee policy of the government
  2. Involvement of religious organisation in official engagements abroad.

 foreign policy is a sovereign function and shall not be diluted by narrow interests.


Getting GST right

Personal hygiene is an important element of women self confidence. Though NRHM is providing sanitary Napkins they are not reaching to the rural areas. Government can encourage private people to produce them at cheaper cost by reducing GST rates.


Tough times

Since 2013, Militancy in the kashmir has taken a different turn and violence is on rise. There is an increased coordination at ground level among the militant organizations. This is accentuated with street protests, stone pelting form locals ands burning of schools.

Addressing these challenges need improvement of intelligence gathering, coherent security strategy with involvement of local police and outreach by the civil administration to foster confidence among civilians.


Ominous retreat

As the monetary policy tightens, yields on bonds will increase as demand for bond market decreases.



The only way to deal with the Chinese is directly.

Former national security advisor has stated that

Violence on border is not good for either of the parties. A political solution is the way out. Status quo ante need to be restored. It is time for a new modus vivendi between two countries.


Mothers as monitors

Case study – Bihar Bettiah district and thane district of Pune have employed mothers as quality monitors of mid day meal food served and it has produced good results. On the other hand, providing for readymade fortified food will not solve the problem of hunger.




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