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After globalisation promise

Historically, movement of capital, Labor has occurred in cycles. Technology has facilitated this. For instance, in 19th century it was promoted by the telegraph and combustion engine. After 1990’s it is by information technology.  It can be stated that trade has expanded as global demand has increased through facilitation of technology.

After 2008 financial meltdown, global demand is on a downward spiral. So, raising the domestic demand is critical to protect jobs and livelihoods. To achieve this a strong manufacturing base and support from banking sector  is necessary in India.

Inflation targeting, conservative policy stance of RBI, twin balance sheet problem of India are not allowing capital to flow free to facilitate growth. Government of India shall boost public investment with an emphasis on infrastructure to come out of this situation.


High stakes in Bihar’s political battle

Political battle going on between RJD and JD(U) is more a battle of perception. Clean image of CM Nitish kumar and corruption charges against deputy chief minister Tejaswini yadav are leading to a conflict. Fight can help BJP to grow in the state rather than helping both waring factions.


Easing the rhetoric

Government has made a right move by Calling opposition for briefing on standoff with china. It can build consensus among political factions.

On Doklamplateau, India is supporting Bhutan and its territorial claims. So, keeping the Thimphu informed is critical for relations to continue. It shall also be kept in mind that china is trying to wedge gaps between India and Bhutan.


Spaces, not embraces

USA is vacating its international space to other actors under president Trump. It is visible in its decreased support for UN, withdrawal from TPP, softened stand on china on South China Sea issue. As USA is closing on Af Pak policy review, India can not expect much favorable position from USA for regional stability.

President Trump is expected to authorize reduction of troops and greater role to regional players. It can strengthen growing alliance between Russia, china and Pakistan.


The Post IS proxy war

After ISIS vacates the space in Iraq and syria, war among the other factions is expected to be deepened. It can be seen as a proxy war between Iran and Saudi Arabia, USA and Russia.





  1. Highest voter turn out ever for presidential election
  2. Venkaiah Naidu is the pick for Vice President from NDA
  3. GM Mustard policy – Government gets time from SC. 


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