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My Notes 19-July-2017 19-07-2017

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  1. Aadhar : ( Judge bench to consider whether Privacy is a basic right or a legal right?
  2. Regulatory misconduct is the root of corruption : N Ram
  3. Miles to go on Border road – Kiran Rijiju
  4. Reluctant Trump Recertifies Iran deal.
  5. Take my data and give me Wifi – Indians are liberally offering private information for free data.



No common ground on the Doklam Plateau

(China and India se the stand off very differently – It is important for the special representatives to meet. )

Sikkim – china border was settled as per the Anglo Chinese convention of 1890 signed between Britain and China. But the tri junction is pointed at Batang la by India and china claims that it is further south at Mt.Gipmochi. Chinese attention to Doklam plateau conveys its intention to have a strong presence close to Indian border.


India and china sees the stand off very differently. China sees it as a breach of its territorial sovereignty and India sees it as a critical National interest. Both of them can not be compromised. China also aims to convey message to the world that the dispute is between Bhutan and China and India has no role to play. Issue can be better solved with out Indian presence. In a nutshell it is not ready to accept India Bhutan friendship treaty of 2007.

Inspite of all the rhetoric from china, it is not ready for escalation of conflict. The same is the case with India too. So, the way forward is t make special representatives to meet and find a solution to the standoff.


Partners in regional security and Prosperity

India and Australia have many common interests in Asia Pacific. They have a collective responsibility to protect a rules based world order to safeguard their own interests. It has become much important as the world started seeing transactional behavior and protectionist attitudes. India and Australia shall work towards building international institutions.

Infrastructure is critical for collective prosperity of the region. China and Japan have emphasized this through their projects. India and Australia cooperation can enhance the same for promotion of free markets and free trade.


Get real on swachh

Swachh Bharat is the pet program of Prime Minister Modi to promote cleanliness and to do away with open defecation. Inspite of this there is no much attention on ending the Manual scavenging in India. The reasons are

  1. Caste bias as most of the manual scavengers are Dalits.
  2. Lack of sufficient funds for rehabilitation.
  3. Lack of confidence among the people engaged in manual scavenging.

So, the way forward is to fix the responsibility on state Governments to end Manual scavenging.


Erdogan’s Excesses

Coup in Turkey last year has provided an opportunity for Mr. Erdogan to suppress other independent voices and movement of Kurds. Added to this, through referendum, country got changed form parliamentary to presidential system. It is expected to concentrate the power further in his hands.

EU is also not in a position to make any suggestions to Turkey for the reason that it is dependent on Turkey to break the immigration storm and its strategic location. Added to this, Turkey is also a key NATO ally.  It is undermining democracy.


We are slow to adopt science of conservation

Highlights of the interview

  1. Tiger conservation effort is losing stream due to excessive Bureaucratization.
  2. Development is working two ways – It is shrinking habitats and other side rising incomes of the people have reduced poaching for consumption.
  3. Fight against poaching is not efficient in all parts of the country. In eastern India it is almost ineffective.
  4. The Government is slow to adopt good science for conservation purposes.
  5. The other major challenge is lack of access to data.



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