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My Notes 21-July-2017 21-07-2017
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  1. Kovind enters Rashtrapathi Bhavan with big win.
  2. India, Japan civil nuclear deal comes in to force.
  3. UKs Indian community joins consultations on anti caste law.

Gain in translation

Language is a critical component of culture. It is a non negotiable right to communities. So, languages need to be recognized and preserved by the state. So, UNESCO and SDGs have recognized linguistic rights and responsibility of the state to protect the same.

If state do not provide an explicit protection and recognition, less spoken languages are bound to disappear. It is already established scientifically that a child’s mental and Physical growth will be better if he/she is taught in mother tongue. Besides, the neglect of a community’s language is a reason for induced migration.

India, linguistically diverse it can lead to cultural pauperization of the country. Government of India not releasing language data collected in 2011 and Government not collecting data related to minor languages is a step in that direction.


The new president

President office is an autonomous and independent office and it shall be above the political and social identities of the incumbent. He is expected to safeguard constitution and also shall act as a counsel to his Government. There will be many times a president shall act with out precedent. Inviting a party leader to form the Government after elections or decisions after loss of confidence for a Government in Loksabha or use of art 356 needs utmost caution and legal acumen. A delicate balance is necessary and he shall not be called as an unthinking rubber stamp or an overzealous interventionist.


Bigger, better

ONGC buying 51% stake of Government in HPCL is in accordance with  the settled policy of consolidation in Public sector undertakings. It started with banking sector and now continuing with energy sector.

As technology has progressed managing bigger organizations have become easy.  scales of production and ability to compete globally increases exponentially. In this scenario, if Indian experience is considered merger of air India and Indian Airlines did not yield expected results, Besides this, minority share holders have always lost in these mergers. Moulding organisational cultures and maintaining motivation of employees is another major challenge.


Should urbanization score over conservation?

As per the Ancient monuments and archeological sites and remains act 1958, 100 meters of perimeter of the site is a protected area and any construction from private or public entities is prohibited. Now, Government intends to amend the act to provide exceptions to public infrastructure. In this scenario, the following arguments can be made.

  1. Any urban project need not be rejected outrightly. They can enhance the image of the project itself. So, civil society shall participate in deciding for allowing the project r not.
  2. Infrastructure projects proposed near Akbar’s tomb, Rani kiVav can damage them in the long run. On the other side, it can be stated that present generation has no right to endanger our collective heritage pooled over centuries.


Why is sharing data with state a problem?

Arguments on right to privacy.

  1. State has an authority to use force against an individual.
  2. Parting of information to private individual is for a specific purpose with a detailed end use. If other parties breach contract legal remedies are available. It is not the case with Government owning the data.
  3. Government having the data and its surveillance has a chilling effect.
  4. Fundamental rights are given to individuals. Even if a single individual objects, it need to be considered. 


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