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My Notes 22-July-2017 22-07-2017

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Six private telcos shortchanged Government : Private telcos are supposed to pay license fee and spectrum usage charges to the government annually. As per CAG telecom players suppressed revenues through account adjustments.


Protection of personal data a right : Government argued that data is an integral part of ones’s dignity and life and is an extension of personality. So, any breach of data shall be punished.  It is different from the Government stated positing in Aadhar case on right to privacy.


Untrained teachers get 2 years to qualify: LS passes Compulsory Education (Amendment) bill 2017 – according to this, teachers who are already teaching in schools are expected to acquire a masters or. Diploma degree in elementary education in 2 years to continue in service.


The Kannada flag

Government of Karnataka has announced it interest to have a flag for the state. It can be seen from different dimensions.

  1. An extension of literary tradition of Karnataka
  2. A linguistic assertiveness of the state.
  3. A reaction to deepening linguistic anxieties due to centre’s aggressive promotion of Hindi.


Digital trade games

Free global flow of data is a misnomer and it is a mask to cover flow of digital services and digital intelligence. As of know scope of these services is not yet established and allowing for free flow of data can lead to digital colonialism.

In future , digital intelligence is expected to be one single most economic resource, It also grows around few poles and not as diverse as the present IT industry. It can consolidate all the sectors. It is the reason why Accenture has recognized Artificial intelligence as a new means of production.


H1N1 returns

Influenza epidemic is an annual event in india. Across the world, countries have framed a national policies for influenza immunization. India also shall frame a policy.




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