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Let’s talk about a supplement income


Universal basic income primary objective is to enable every citizen to have a certain minimum basic income. It offers a fixed monthly income to every citizen irrespective of socio economic status. Here, cardinal features of the program are

  1. Universality
  2. Cash transfers
  3. Income shall satisfy the basic needs of the people .

If above are considered, for developing countries such as India it will be a huge fiscal burden. So, it is better India considers supplementary income besides the  existing social services.


Fundamental questions in public service delivery

  1. Cash vs services
  2. Universal or restricted

Cash vs services : cash provides for necessary choice to the individual to determine his/her priorities of expenditure. Provision of goods and services directly to the citizens is intend to achieve certain nutritional and health objectives. Here the challenge is the poor quality of services by the Government. Here Brazil tried for conditional cash transfers and was successful.


Universal vs restricted : universal services decreases exclusion errors and also decreases discretion of pubic officials in choosing beneficiaries. On the other side, financial feasibility is the critical question.


Private power, Public apathy

Domestic workers are the most exploited category. Lack of regulation has made employers to be on advantage position in determining their wages, work etc. so, there is an absolute risk of unemployment or criminalization when they try to obtain their legal dues from the employers.

Till date, Indian govt did not take any action on this matter. This lack of interest is clearly visible in its unwillingness to ratify the ILO’s convention 189 on decent work for domestic workers.


Still don’t detain

Today, In school education in India  the biggest challenge is to arrest the drop outs. It depends on improving quality of education and livelihood opportunities through it. Right to education act has provided for no detention policy until class 8 to improve school attendance. Any attempt to reverse this is a retrogressive step.



  1. Gadkari reaches out to Iran :

Highlights : countries are committed to chabahar port. Once it is operationalised, , it is expected to provide an alternative route to Afghanistan.

  1. Nine High courts oppose all india Judicial service : as of now, high courts enjoy administrative control over lower Judiciary.
  2. Beijing set terms for talks on sea feud code :china has started negotiations on a non aggressions pact aimed at preventing clashes in South China Sea.



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