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My Notes 10-Aug-2017 10-08-2017

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  1. Reignite the spirit of 1942 : Prime Minister

The lok sabha marked the 75th anniversary of the quit India movement on Wednesday with a special sitting. Prime Minister Modi called for the initiatives to end for poverty, illiteracy and graft.

He also warned the country that soon after independence, a sense of entitlement had overtaken the sense of duty for the country.


  1. March for science organized – it has asked for increased budget allocations for research . It also called for making scientific temper a fundamental right.


  1. ISRO developed a full pledged earth observation satellite : ISRO is trying  to enter the do-main of operational hyper-spectral imaging from earth orbit with a satellite that can see in 55 spectral or colour bands from 630 km aboveground,”.





When the paradigm shifts : Ideology of indian state is undergoing a paradigm shift. There is a shift form Nehruvian world view.

It is visible in its foreign policy, conflict resolution, accommodation of interests of minorities, dalits, higher education reform, Kashmir policy. So, Turbulence is visible in every aspect of management of affairs of the state.

These paradigm shifts are driven by the powerful ideational constructs and the only way to resist or moderate such shifts is to generate a powerful counter narrative.


Working on the app based model

There is an increased dilemma in protecting the rights of workers on app based platforms. Though these have introduced workers from unorganized sector to new organized work process, they failed to provide for necessary income security and predictability of revenues. Regulation of this sector can set a new precedent.


Castles in the AIR

India and Afghanistan has announced an air corridor at heart of Asia conference in Amritsar.  It is to bypass the obstructions created by Pakistan for India – Afghan trade by road. But, lack of political will , procedural delays, ill planning made tons of fruits to perish.

In this context,

  1. India shall aim for a greater connectivity beyond Afghanistan.
  2. Other initiatives to connect to Afghanistan like TAPI pipeline, chabahar port need to be taken up quickly,
  3. India’s dealings with Afghanistan, Iran shall not be to circumvent Pakistan, they shall be to open up new commerce avenues to Central Asia , Russia and Europe.


The March from yesterday

  1. Promoting a scientific bent of mind can certainly help to improve the social health of our country.
  2. Scientists in India should participate in a public debate on nature of science and its practice in India.

The goods exchange

Cross LOC trade continues to be a key confidence building measure between India and Pakistan. To improvise this following steps can be taken.

  1. Joint investigation team can be constituted form India and pakistan to investigate cases of Narcotic and arms smuggling across the borders.
  2. There is a need to institutionalize trading communities.



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