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11 August2017


Our collective cross to bear

Across the South Asia, the state is culpable of empowering the mob against the weak.

Today, South Asia is known for identity politics. These have undermined social and economic progress while ripping apart social fabric in all the countries. Peace in South Asia can only be assured by secular democracy.

Added to this, india and Pakistan have spent more in global arms bazaar than Saudi Arabia. It clearly shows distortion of priorities. 


It’s time to ficus on the toxic air we breathe.

NITI Aayog draft energy policy ignores the health impacts of energy choices.

Air pollution is a major cause of life and work hours among Indians. It has a direct and indirect impact on economy. National health policy 2017 views reducing air pollution as vital to India’s health trajectory.

WHO’s health in all policies framework clearly states for taking health considerations across different sectors. So, India shall include health as a variable in determining future energy mix.


Race for Nairobi

The presidential election in Kenya again faces a controversy. It is the time country shall move towards a simpler system.


Towards a clean Up

Swachh Bharat Mission of Government of India enjoys a huge budgetary and political support. It has put up individual latrines in rural households. It is essential to protect the dignity of women, raise health standards. But, few challenges still remain for its effective Implementation.

  1. Most of the rural households do not have a water source. It makes the latrines in to disuse.
  2. Dalit houses have a lower coverage.
  3. In urban areas, there is no comprehensive waste management plan.


Should Marijuana be legalised?

Marijuana, a psychotropic substance has a limited medicinal use. It also consumed as part of culture in some parts of the country. Cultivation of cannabis can bring in economic security to marginal farmers.

On the other side, substance dependance and schizophrenia can be a possible negative outcome.

In India, DPSP,laws like Narcotic drugs and Psychotropic substances act of 1985 criminalized the cannabis plant.


Failing India’s children

Reversal of No detention policy as part of right to education can undermine social goals. It will also increase drop out rate among children. Girls will be worst effected.



  1. Amended banking regulation bill gets elders nod.
  2. Mehbooba discusses Art 35(A) with rajnath.




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