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My Notes 16-August-2017 16-08-2017
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Show collective will to build new India

Highlights of Prime Minister Modi speech

  1. He asks country to adopt Bharat Jodi slogan and shun Chalta hai culture.
  2. He aspired for a new India free of communalism, casteism, terrorism, corruption and Nepotism.
  3. Violence in the name of faith need to be condemned.


2. Assam and Manipur can now decide on AFSPA

The union home ministry is set to give up its power to impose the disturbed areas tag on Assam and Manipur. It mean that states can decide to either continue the AFSPA or revoke it.

The Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act empowers the Army and Central forces deployed in “disturbed areas” to kill anyone break-ing the law and arrest and search any premises without warrant and shield the forces from prosecution.


Trump and Modi review progress of June initiatives

  1. Crude and Natural Gas imports are expected to reach India from USA.
  2. The 2/2 dialogue modalities are worked out .


Aeroplanes may be affecting Ozone, Monsoon.


Future perfect ( use following statements to enrich your answer)

  1. Communalism and casteism are the twin evils of India.
  2. Violence in the name of faith is unacceptable in India
  3. President of india Ramnath Kovind called for a compassionate society that does not discriminate on the basis of gender or religious background.
  4. Independence speech has largely relied on technology enabled solutions to transform the country over the next five years.


No case for all India Judicial services

Recently, nine of the high courts have rejected the idea of creation of All India Judicial services. Arguments put forward is that it will improve the quality of judicial services and people manning them. On the other side, problem appears to be much deeper.

  1. As legal education in India got systematically diluted, India has only few institutions of excellence.
  2. Salaries, conditions of service and career progression opportunities are very limited to the district judges. As per EPW survey less than a third of seats in the high courts re filled by Judges form the district cadre. Most of the high court judges are recruited directly form the bar rather than being promoted from district judges.
  3. A National exam may ignore the local laws and customs existing in various states. Uniformity is given Primacy over diversity.
  4. If other all India services are compared, there is no much difference in the leaves of vacancies in Judiciary.

So, focus of Judicial reforms shall be on delays, inefficiency, corruption and costs.


Caution from a sobering survey

Economic survey volume2 has predicted a less than 7% of growth for the coming year. Demonetisation being one of the primary cause of slow down, survey says there are signs of slow Down even before it. Reasons stated are

  1. Lower investment ratio
  2. Low farm prices
  3. Cutting back on developmental spending by state government and burden of loan waivers. For example. UP has to slash its developmental spending by 13% in order to accommodate the farm loan waiver.  
  4. Twin balance sheet syndrome.  
  5. IIP also shows a negative growth. The reasons are as follows. Strengthening rupee is making imports attractive. Twin balance sheet syndrome has decrease investments and private investment flows are all time low.
  6. NPA’s of banking sector.
  7. Weak demand both externally and internally
  8. Non supportive monetary policy environment for growth.


Why can’t the Government provide a higher income for the farmers?

MS swaminathan

Major challenges to agriculture

  1. Ecological sustainability and guarantee economic returns to the farmers.
  2. Loan waivers are a short term tactics and are not long tenor solutions. They can not ensure economic viability for farmers. The three ways to raise farm income are 1. Rise in MSP and Procurement price. 2. Improving productivity 3. Value addition through bio mass.

India needs an ever green revolution through integrated pest management, integrated nutrient supply, scientific water management. It can decrease the environmental costs.

  1. Special Agricultural zones need to be identified and soil health mangers should be appointed to monitor and ameliorate the soil conditions in degraded soils.
  2. Organic farming will be successful if farmers possess animals for organic manure and if crops are pest resistant.
  3. India shall have a multi disciplinary monsoon management centre in every drought affected district.







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