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My Notes 17-August-2017 17-08-2017
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The architect of censorship

Freedom of speech is a fundamental right. Judiciary shall have a strong commitment to it. At the same time fundamental rights come with reasonable restrictions to protect order. So, CrPC and IPC need to be structured to balance freedom of speech and powers of the state. In India, laws are in favour to state and is detrimental to freedom of speech.

CrPC section 95 authorizes state Governments to forfeit copies of any news paper, book or document that appears to violate certain provisions of Indian penal code – section 124A(sedition), sections153A or B(communal or class disharmony), section 292(obscenity), or section 295A(insulting religious beliefs). As per Section 96 of CrPC any person aggrieved by the Government’s order has the right to challenge it before the high court. It mean that Government can ban any publication with out having to prove a court of law that any law has been broken. The responsibility lies on author or publisher.

Recent ban on book Adivasi will not dance by Jharkhand Government, judicial injunction on god man to tycoon are a reflection of the above scenario.


Reading Kim Jong Un’s Mind

North Korea’s tough stand and belligerent attitude is a reflection of the existing deep mistrust in the regime against USA. The reasons are

  1. USA did not have a fixed stand on to North Korean issue. Clinton Government has negotiated a deal to freeze nuclear operations by North Korea. Later, George bush reversed it and made North Korea as a part of Axis of evil.
  2. Fate met by Mohd Qaddafi, saddam Hussein makes the regime more insecure.
  3. Two major supporters of North Korea china and Russia are no more dependable. USSR disintegration and China’s increased closeness with USA made North Korea skeptical.

On the other Hand, North Korea can not be compared to Iran for the reasons that North Korea has a nuclear Bomb and Missile. Iran was in the stage of development. So, twin objectives of Kim Jong Un is to achieve nuclear deterrence and to be accommodated as a nuclear power in the international system.


The Health check list

  1. Equity in access to doctors, diagnostics and medicines for rural India must be a priority.
  2. Indian public health standards were issued covering facilities from sub centers upwards. It need to be implemented seriously.
  3. Government also shall recognise the limitations of market led mechanisms. India shall move towards a single payer system with cost controls that make efficient strategic purchase of health.


Trump’s misstep

USA is going through protests and counter protests of white supremacists and African Americans. Confederate statues and symbols are getting vandalized by African Americans. They consider them as a reminders of racial hatred. It signifies development of Alt right and left in USA politics.

President Trump by not differentiating between neo Nazis and counter protesters failed to draw a moral distinction. Existence of alt right supporters like Steve bannon and David duke who has connections with Ku Klux Klan in his team explains this.


Naming a right :

Fundamental rights defines the relationship between citizens of a constitutional democracy and the state. Many of the rights are expansive. Over a period of time, Supreme Court with its judgements have defined their scope and boundaries.

Right to life is liberally interpreted by the Supreme Court and it has led to right to food, work, right to dignified life etc. on the other hand right to liberty has not been fully explored by the Supeme court. In 1996 in DK Basu vs state of West Bengal court acknowledged right against torture is part of personal liberty. Later it was extended to mental and physical torture.

So, right to privacy also gets defined over a period of time. Rejecting the right stating it as expansive is unwarranted. Recognising the right is the first step in opening up the possibility of it trickling down into the people’s consciousness.


The private route

NITI Aayog has recently proposed of a partial privatization of district hospitals. It can improve the quality of health care and at the same time affordability can be a challenge. So, regulations are suggested for private care.

Regulation can cripple the supply of health services and it can increase the costs further.




  1. India aims to widen oil import sources.




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