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My Notes 19-August-2017 19-08-2017

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Cause for caution, not gloom

Economic situation as on today is a cause for worry. There are many other factors that are assuring. Marco economic stability is important among them. Based on the findings of economic survey, the following can be argued

  1. Growth : a sub7% growth is expected for the coming years. Savings- investment ration need to be increased. It is contingent on continuation of structural reforms.
  2. Inflation : Though inflation is low as of now, inflation expectations are still high. Ioan  waivers, 7th pay commission recommendation implementation, food prices are expected to influence inflation.
  3. Exchange rate : strengthening of rupee and low export demand are worrisome for exporters. India need to rise its overall export competitiveness. Improvement of logistics, infrastructure and diversification of products and destinations are essential.
  4. Fiscal position of states : loan waivers and other subsidies are expected to worsen the fiscal position of the states. They also can divert the capital expenditure. On positive side, farm loan waivers are expected to boost economic demand, the major driver of growth. Initiatives such as UDAY are expected to clean up the balance sheets of Discoms and can improve the overall health of state finances.
  5. Double balance sheet challenges : NPAs and low profitability of some key sectors like power, telecom and steel need to be addressed.

So, Faster resolution of the twin balance sheets is critical torekindling private investment.Equally, accelerating the pace of agricultural reforms, targeted capitalexpenditure, improving ease of doing business and the multiple infra-structure initiatives, particularly inroads and power, are integral to any coherent action. Similarly, stressed sectors like telecom and power need speedier resolution.


Getting charged up

Research and trade agreements are needed to realise India’s ambitious electric vehicle target

As per the current National Electric Mobility mission plan, India aims to produce 5-7 millions of electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles annually by 2020.

It needs vehicle charging infrastructure and batteries. Production Li ion batteries and necessary minerals are dominated by USA and china. Both countries have made necessary agreements with chile to continue production of lithium and other minerals. India shall use its trade deals to have its share in lithium mining assets.


Barcelona Horror

As ISIS is losing ground in Iraq and Syria, Lone wolf attacks are increasing across the world. Especially Europe. Recent Barcelona attacks are a similar phenomenon.


Others/ News

  1. Kala Azar / Dum Dum fever : caused by leishmania Donavani – a Parasite


  1. China Bristles at Japan’s remarks on Doklam


  1. Vishal Sitka, Infosys CEO resigns. 


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