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Patriot Games at Attari-Wagah

Retreat ceremony held at Atari-Wagah border has become less a ceremony and more about denigrating each other. Situation has changed after the kargil war. First televised war in india.

Nationalism is often interpreted as denigration of other nation. Added to this, commerce of patriotism can also be seen. Many of MNCs are seen trying to promote their brand interests mixed with patriotism.

War and peace are a state of mind. Retreat ceremony shall promote peace, friendship and respect.


Moby Addiction

Incidents of suicide of the children following Blue whale game highlights our uneasy adjustment to a hyper connected world.


Missing investors

Supreme Court of India has ordered Sahara group for returning of money to the investors, after it found that money was not collected as per SEBI guidelines. Responsibility to return the money was given to SEBI.

Surprisingly, there are only few takers. It clearly raises doubts on investor base of Sahara. There can be a Money Laundering angle to the same and it need to be thoroughly probed.


Safeguarding the interests of farmers

It is often accused  that Government of India Is selling farmers interests at WTO. Facts are different.

Trade facilitation agreement –

It was agreed in 2013 in Bali and came in to force in 2017. Objective of this is to promote transparency, predictability and efficiency in trade. It involves creation of infrastructure, faster clearance procedures etc.

So, it is clear that trade facilitation agreement  is not about market access but about facilitating and bringing trade transparency.

Public stock holding : The public stock holding issues is still remains unresolved at WTO. It was thought that a permanent solution shall be found by 2017 but it is still a work in progress.

As per the existing WTO rules, procurement and holding of public stocks are green box subsidies( Non trade distorting). If food grains for the public stock are procured through an administered price/minimum support price, than a limit of 10% comes in. According to this, total procured grain shall not cross 10% of value of production.

Due to India’s efforts a peace clause was introduced. According to this, even if limit is crossed no one shall challenge the program, till a final solution is found.



  1. Note ban has starved Maoists of funds.
  2. Institutions need to outlive founders, says HR experts.
  3. Artificial intelligence imperils India Inc.Jobs.




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