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My Notes 22-August-2017 22-08-2017
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Rebooting India- Nepal ties

Indian interventionism in Nepal did not yield expected results for the country. On the other side, it has pushed Nepal close to China. India Just taking note of Nepal constitution rather than welcoming it, blockade and New Delhi’s uneasy with recognition of Maithili, Bhojpuri are the few to name.

So, it is the time for both the countries to move forward and look in to other issues of importance.

  1. Open borders – Indian security establishment has serious concerns with open borders.
  2. Food management: India cites improver river management in Nepal as the reason for Kosi floods. So, project development in Nepal and buying back electricity can be a win win situation fro both he countries.
  3. Sahastra Seema bal – SSB of India need to be retrained to be cordial and friendly with Nepal citizens.
  4. Social security measures shall be put in place for all Nepali’s working in india and Vice versa.


News rooms under siege

There are many evils kept in to Media houses and they need a serious attention.

  1. Paid news
  2. Corporate ownership of media houses.
  3. Corruption and conflict of Interest between Editorial board and Management.

Ways to reform are

  1. There shall be strict separation between editorial board and ownership of media houses.
  2. Ownership restrictions shall be introduced on cross holdings and aggregate holdings.
  3. Work conditions and contracts shall clearly specify the rights of Journalists.
  4. Creation of a genuine system to assess circulation and viewership
  5. A policy to protect whistle blowers inside the media houses.


Detailed priorities

Recent derailment of Utkal express exposes the weakness of rail management in India. Most of the rail accidents in India occur due to poor maintenance of rolling stocks or rails. So, inquiries shall point to this casualness in establishment.

Added to this, induction of coaches with anti climbing features, improving quality of safety audit can help. Railways have announced a five year corporate safety plan in budget 2015-16 and it need to be put in place.


Prison and privileges

If illegal facilities are allowed to select prisoners, Jails will lose their deterrent Value.


Recasting the steel frame

India need to revamp its Bureaucracy to suit to 21st Century needs. These are as follows

  1. Compulsory retirement : conduct rules for all India services and central services need to be changed to sack officers on grounds of incompetence or inefficiency.
  2. Lateral entry in to higher civil services shall be welcomed with some caveats.
  3. Technology (AI ) can be used to improve quality of Public service delivery.


Diversity in Delhi police

National police commission has clearly stated that composition of police should reflect a general mix of communities that exists in society. It is missing in police across in India and Prominently in Delhi Police.



  1. AIADMK factions comes together.
  2. Will SC end Personal laws Immunity?





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