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My Notes 04-September-2017 04-09-2017
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  1. North Korea tests Hydrogen bomb, sparks outrage  - North Korea defying international condemnation, has tested an hydrogen bomb. Added to this, it was stated that it is a miniaturized hydrogen bomb that can be fitted on to an intercontinental ballistic missile.
  2. In cabinet rejig, Prime Minister Modi rewards performance - Prime Minister Modi has given priority to performance over political expediency in making changes to his cabinet. For the first time, in Indian history there are two women in cabinet committee on security. Ms Sushma Swaraj and Ms nirmala sitharaman. It is an indication towards women empowerment.

3.   Diplomacy must to solve conflicts - Xi -  Prime Minister NarendraModiarrived in the coastal city of Xiamen to participate in the ninthBRICS summit. It is expected that a dialogue withChinese President Xi Jinpingcould set the tone for a newround of engagementbetween New Delhi andBeijing.



Economy outlook still cloudy

Indian economy has recorded a lowest growth in first quarter of 2017-18. it happened inspite of strong macro economic fundamentals. Oil prices, Inflation, trade and current account deficit are favorably placed. It is also reflected in low credit growth in India. Major reason for this can be twin balance sheet shocks India is facing.

GDP is measured through investments, consumption, exports and Government spending. Exports are decelerating and imports are increasing due to strengthening of rupee. Private investments and capital formation are steadily declining over years.Fiscal prudence has kept limits on Government spending. Demonetization and introduction of GST have damaged consumption demand in the economy.

Reforms of the Government encourage make in India, reforms to improve ease of doing business, improvements in infrastructure, bankruptcy and insolvency code need time to take effect. Mean while, an immediate stimulus to re inject growth is necessary. Monetary and fiscal policy shall be geared for it.


Investing in the ecosystem

India boasts 11% of the word’s floral and faunal species and it is one of the 17 ecologically diverse nations. Financial value of this natural capital is estimated at $1.7tn. Climate change, loss of bio sphere integrity, land system Change and altered bio geo chemical cycles are expected to change weather patterns. So, a comprehensive evaluation systems for natural capital are necessary. So, accounting for natural capital and risks helps us to usher in a sustainable future. In this scenario, adoption of frameworks such as Natural capital coalition’s natural capital protocol can be helpful.


Back to the ballot

In any country, politics shall evolve to a level of accountability, where traditional loyalties shall give way for human rights and rule of law. In a democracy, elections play an important role in this process. Simple system and peaceful transfer of power are sin qua non with this.


And than there were nine

Remember this statement

Supreme Court judgement in ADM Jabalpur case gave an impression that an independant Judiciary can succumb to a Government with an absolute majority. But, recent Judgement of SC in Puttuswamy vs Unoin of India case, clearly showed that it may not be right always. So. Right to privacy judgement proved that constitutions are enlarged and strengthened when courts acts as breaks against majoritarian authoritarianism.





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