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USA backs sale of fighters to India

USA has agreed to sell F 18 jets to India. It further states that it sees India as a net security provider in the region and it aims to reduce trade deficit with India through the sale of strategic equipment. On the other side, USA is also worried about relocating facilities to manufacture in India as per Make in india.


Death for two in Mumbai blasts case

TADA court has given death to 2 people and life sentence to Abu Salem after 24 years.


Prime Minister cpas Myanmar trip with visit to Bahadhur shah’s grave

Prime minister Modi has visited Mazar of the last Mughal emperor Bahadhur shah zafar and 2500 year old shwedagon pagoda in Myanmar.


Debt, project delays worry Bhutan

India has undertaken  three major hydro electric power projects in Bhutan. They are financed as 30% grant, 70% loan with 10% interest. As all projects are delayed beyond the stated deadline, debt is mounting on Bhutan.


State laws repugnant to IBC are void : SC

Supreme Court held that state laws not in concurrence with insolvency and bankruptcy code are invalid.



Social revolution in a JAM

Financial inclusion and economic inclusion can not be one and the same. Financial inclusion increased access to financial services. JAM with a promised delivery of welfare benefits is destined towards financial inclusion. Further to this, economic inclusion needs creation of capabilities among the people and gearing up economy for creation of opportunities for people at the bottom of pyramid. this can only happen with

  1. Government investing in education and health for all
  2. Government providing for producer services and necessary infrastructure.

Declining private investment is not a very good sign for economic inclusion.


All that Gauri lankesh has stood for

Gauri lankesh, stained social activist and a Journalist represents an idea of inclusion, cultural secularism and rational thinking. Cultivation of scientific temper is very much a constitutional ideal and she is active in pursing the same. Killing her is killing the very values of Indian constitution and freedom movement.


Vigil on vigilantes

Supreme out sent a strong message to union and state Governments by asking them to keep a strong vigil on cow vigilantes. In this scenario, there is legal protection to cow protectors if they act in good faith in states like Rajasthan. Sensitization of police, public and politics  is an important measure to protect Rule of law.


The next super cycle

Commodities prices except oil on slow rise. Weakening dollar is an important reason for the same. It also an important sign that global markets are expected to revive soon.


Demonetisation : Now a proven failure

Any of the Policy decision need to be judged against the original intention. So, demonetisation’s stated objective is to fight black money. In that case, it failed to achieve it. The reasons are

  1. Most of the black money is not held in cash, it is in the form of real estate, gold etc. cash on an optimistic estimate can form up to 6% of black economy,
  2. All the cash held by the people and deposited in the bank can not be stated to be unaccounted.

In this scenario, RBI’s image as an autonomous institution took a severe beating. The black economy needs to be tackled. But demonetisation is not the way.


For a robust data protection regime

Government intends give a legal status to data protection. It has appointed a committee headed by Reid Justice Sri krishna. Shah committed has given a primary guiding factors on this matter that have emphasized on

  1. Taking the informed and individual consent of users before the collection of their personal data.
  2. Users shall be given a prior notice on information practices, shall be provided with choices and agencies shall collect only limited data necessary for the purpose fro which it is collected.

Based on this, Sri krishna committee is working on five salient features

  1. Technological neutrality and interoperability with international standards
  2. Multi dimensional privacy
  3. Horizontal applicability to state and non state entities.
  4. Conformity with privacy principles
  5. Co regulatory enforcement regime.



Dear students, we are starting examination and skill development based on NCERT text book from Monday. Request you to prepare well and attempt the same with seriousness.



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