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Unruly fliers now face lifetime ban

Air passengers can now be banned for life time for unruly behaviour on flight or with ground staff. Duration of punishment varies with intensity of actions.


Bali Action plan puts India on other side of debate

India has rejected a joint statement by world parliamentary forum at Bali as it includes references to human rights issues in Myanmar.


No shift in policy on Pakistan - china assured Pakistan that there is no shift in its policy towards it and still Pakistan is considered as a victim of terrorism rather than a perpetrator of terrorism.


Car makers seek stable policies.

Car makers have raised concerns on unstable policy environment in India. It is related to recent rise in cess on luxury cars, Hybrid vehicles, ban on diesel SUVs in New Delhi etc.


Remove Government layers from bank appointments

former Governor Raghu ram Rajan has expressed concerns over demonetization and stated that its short term costs will outweigh long tern benefits. Along with this, Government role in appointment of chairman and CEO’s shall be totally absent. As of now, Bank boards bureau looks after this. But, still it is an advisory body.


Income inequality in India at its highest level since 1922.

Income inequality is rising in India. It’s increase is Sharp after 1980’s as India shifted towards a market economy. Unlike this, highest growth in Europe ( post world war 2) is a period of inclusive

Growth. It is due to institutions, rules and norms limiting the power of capital accumulation and of income concentration.



All that data that Aadhar captures

Data captured under Aadhar project can be divided in to three categories

  1. Biometric information - it refers to photograph, finger prints, Iris scan and other biological attributes of an individual.
  2. Identity information - It includes biometric information along with Aadhar Number, demographic data , living address etc.
  3. Personal information - it is the information collated by Aadhar authorities in real time. It generates abundant of data. Integration of data sets of different departments of the Government can really endanger privacy. It makes Aadhar an unprecedented tool for mining personal information.

Biggest threat from aadhar to privacy is from personal information UIDAI collects in real time.


Indicators that matter

1. In India, Health is a state subject. Over years population is increasing and percapita health expenditure by the states is decreasing.

2. Today, Health in India is treated as a private good. It is increasing cost of health care.

3. Focus of health care is shifting from preventive and promotive care to curative care.

If we take international examples, Thailand, Cuba and Costa Rica have achieved universal health care through involvement of Government. In Europe in most of the  countries Government spending accounts for 80-90% of total health care expenditure.

So, India needs to emphasise on pubic health with public finances.


Episodic Justice

Mumbai blast conspirators are though convicted, justice is not yet delivered. At best it can be considered as an episodic Justice as key conspirators Dagwood Ibrahim, Tiger memon are still out of law’s reach.


No where people

In recent Myanmar visit, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shared Government of Myanmar concerns in Rakhine state rather than poor plight of Rohingya’s. it is an effort to keep Myanmar in confidence and  not to make it tilt towards china.

India’s stated position is not in alignment with UN and other democracies across the world. UN report has called Rohingya’s as victims of crimes against humanity. Mr. Desmond Tutu described it as an ethnic cleansing. India shall express its solidarity with people who are suffering.



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