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My Notes 23-AUG-2017 23-08-2017

Dear Students,

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The deep divide within white Americans

Recent protests and counter protests in Charlottesville, Virginia and President Trump’s comments on the same exposes growing divides in American society. Data shows a share material and psychological divide in American society. To further elaborate

  1. Economic inequalities are all time high in USA.
  2. African Americans feel that establishment is wrongly prejudiced against them. It is reflected in Police excesses on them. Black lives matter too is a moment to expose this.
  3. Education levels go hand in hand with levels of wealth.
  4. After recessions, people from low income groups are worst hit. Added to this, social protection to African Americans has relatively improved their living conditions. This has brought in a sense of resentment. It is visible among white college drop outs.  There is a war of perception that conditions of African Americans wee increasing, while white Americans are deteriorating.

President Trump response to this entire episode can be best described as opportunistic and he is trying to play to his core support base. Surprisingly, when politics lost the moral authority to set the tone of the society, it is business leadership that stood for it. After president Trump response eight leaders of major companies who are art of President’s manufacturing council resigned.


Shaping wilderness

Technology use is rising in wild life conservation. Camera traps, radio collars, satellite telemetry are making tracking of wild animals easy. It is changing the long held ideas on conservation.


Undoing Justice

Supreme Court in triple talaq Judgement held it as unconstitutional. It was rejected by Majority judgement that triple talaq has no constitutional protection under Art 25 of the constitution. Further to this there is a clear message that personal laws can no longer be privileged over fundamental rights.



  1. The country broke once, we can’s afford to have it happen again.
  2. Trump’s new Afghan policy asks for India to play a bigger role in development of Afghanistan.



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