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Mission indefinite

Afghanistan is often referred as graveyard of empires. Present story of USA is no different. It is the longest war US is fighting with no end in near future. Timeline of various events goes like this.

  1. 2001- president Bush has launched a war against Afghanistan after 9/11. The end objective is to have a stable and peaceful Afghanistan.
  2. Focus was shifted to Iraq in 2003. This has lead to regrouping of Taliban and insurgency preached its peaks by 2005.
  3. In 2009, President Obama has taken a policy review and described war in Afghanistan as a war of Necessity. He has increased troop presence to 1,00,000 in 2010. The objective was to have a decisive victory over the insurgency. It also includes a plan to withdraw the troops from 2011 and handing over  all combat operations to Afghan security forces by 2014.
  4. 2014 elections in Afghanistan have created a political instability. Finally a national Unity Government has come in to existence. Operation enduring freedom has formally concluded in 2014. There are handful of troops to train and assist Afghan forces under operation resolute Support. Today, USA maintains only 2000 troops on ground to assist Afghan soldiers on counter terror operations under operation Freedom’s sentinel.

Trump’s Afghan policy

  1. Today, USA complete withdrawal from Afghanistan can create a vacuum  and ISIS, Al Qaeda can quickly occupy the same. So, President Trump has authorized a modest increase in the USA military presence on the ground to 4000. There is no time limit for their withdrawl.
  2. He has restricted sanctions so, that field commanders can use surveillance and air support.
  3. It is been made clear that USA military presence is not nation building but killing terrorists.
  4. President Trump has cautioned Pakistan on maintaining safe heavens for terrorists.


USA has to depend on Pakistan for supply routes to its troops in Afghanistan. Any success of Afghan policy depends on elimination of safe heavens which Pakistan is not interested as it sees Afghanistan as its sphere of influence. It also sees its relations with Afghanistan form the prism of Afghanistan relations with India. So, breaking this vicious cycle and winning the narrative will decide the success of Afghanistan policy of President Trump.


How Privacy stacks up

Supreme Court Judgement in recognizing right to privacy as part of art 21 of the constitution is historical. But, certain question still remain. They are

  1. Judgment did not clarify that Privacy is a monolithic conception or has different variants.

(Physical privacy, informational privacy, privacy of choice, privacy from surveillance, search and seizure, telephone tapping, transgender rights etc). Unless, they are made clear, privacy Jurisprudence is not expected to be settled in India.

  1. Judgement did not clearly define what shall be the reasonable restrictions that can be imposed on right?
  2. Another aspect is – is the right is enjoyed against the state r can it also be enjoyed against non state actors.


Anarchy in Panchkula

A state has a primary responsibility to protect life and property of citizens. Failure to maintain law and order will question its existence. So, Governments are not expected to surrender interests of the sates to vote bank politics.


The old Spark

India and Nepal are trying to revive their relations. Prime Minister sherBahdhurDeuba visit refers to deep, comprehensive and multi faceted ties between neighbours. But the old wounds related to blockade still open.


The lure of Dera

Increasing culture of Gurus needs a deeper understanding in India rather than being just dismissed as superstitious.

  1. They are giving a sense of equality and a sense of self respect.
  2. They are providing for a belief of control on one’s life. It is seen as lost in the era of globalisation and stress of modernity.



  1. JAM will end exclusion
  2. Many high profile cases await CJI
  3. Keep UK in single market during Brexit transition.
  4. Aid to Pakistan tied to steps against Militants,
  5. Roof top solar targets are difficult to achieve.



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