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Doklam stand off ends as India and china step Back

Diplomacy has paid off in ending in the Doklam standoff. India has announced disengagement of border personnel. But the terms of disengagement are not yet clear. Added to this, India and chinese Government have respected the wishes of Bhutan, which wanted an early end to the crisis before winter.

But, India and china relations touched a new low with the existing stand off. Cancellation of Nathu la route for Kailash-ManasarovarYatra Is one among them. Gains made in the special representative talks are reversed. So, the way forward s to revert to the spirit of border defence cooperation agreement of 2013.


A right for the future

Evolution Right to privacy in India has dramatic turns. In MP sharma and Kharak singh case, supreme court held that there is no fundamental right to Privacy. Later in Gobind vs state of MP case, Supreme Court held that fundamental rights have a penumbral zone and right to privacy could be seen emerging from that zone. In Justice KS puttaswamy vs Union of India case it held that right to privacy is a fundamental right under constituents of India.


Diary of unusual year

Demonetisation has provided for political party and electoral gains to the party at centre. On the other side, RBI institutional integrity came under question. Lack of transparency and failure of RBI to provide any clarification on its role and statistical data related to transparency can be cited as the compounding factors.


Spot the similarities

India and Indonesian societies are having many similarities. Both are multicultural, plural, multi religious societies. They are exceptions to the European perception of Nation state, where it is stated that ideal nation state shall have single ethnicity and language to be sustainable as a political unit.

Secularism in both countries is taken as equal treatment of all religions rather than as strict separation of state and religion.

Today, both societies are witnessing a rise in intolerance and surveillance by the state.


The stories rocks tell

Mines, rocks, hillocks are the geological history and non cultural heritage of India. Indiscriminate quarrying and mining is destroying this heritage. India shall make steps to conserve the same.





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