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My Notes 30-AUG-2017 30-08-2017

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  1. Rain Pounds Mumbai to standstill, no relief in sight

Mumbai has recorded an record rainfall of 29.7cm. It is at the brink of shutdown.

2. With doklam standoff resolved, Prime Minister Modi is expected to visit China for BRICS summit in Xiamen.

3. North Korea fires ballistic missiles over Japan.

4. Centre to unveil future ready industrial policy in october.



Lessons from Doklam

There are important lessons India has to learn from Doklam. These include

  1. India did not receive any unambiguous and unreserved support from for its position from any of the countries. Major reason for this is china is economically interlocked with many of the India’s neighbours and friends.
  2. China wants to send a clear message that it is unlikely to respect India’s special relationships with its neighbours. China is sending a message that it aims to expand it’s influence in to South Asia. So, india’s policy towards South Asia, of limited economic assistance along wth big brother attitude has to change.
  3. Hyper nationalism does not pay in dealing with china.
  4. Doklam stand off is a direct fallout of Indian and Bhutanese refusal to be part of the road and belt initiative. India also need to consider its long term economic interests and to create a win win situation with china in developing infrastructure projects in the region.


The way forward is

  1. Special representative talks on border conflict resolution shall be result oriented.
  2. In Doklam, India has intervened with out a strong legal position on its Side. India - Bhutan friendship treaty do not bind India to send troops nor did Bhutan explicitly ask for the same. So, there is a need to engage in careful scenario building.


So, diplomacy with wider engagement on regional and bilateral issues is the way forward.


Dera through Punjab lens

There are multiple crises unfolding in Punjab. It looms large on agricultural and industrial landscape, growing menace of drugs etc.

Added to this growth of Dera clearly reflects lack of people belief i9n systems of justice and failure of the state to address long term grievances. So, way forward is to establish systems if individual and social justice to address post conflict societies.


Mohammed Nasheed - former president of Maldives interview

  1. Judicial institutions are also threatened and intimidated in Maldives.
  2. There is an increased presence of China in developing infrastructure and strategic assets.
  3. Debt of Maldives to Chinese is growing big. It is expected that by 2020 Maldives has to pay more interest than what country spends on health and education. 



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