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  1. Chinese telecom products vulnerable, says Mehrishi -

Home Secretary Rajiv Mehrishi held that Chinese equipment can be susceptible for hacking and data breach. So, Government is considering their use from a security perspective.

  1. 99% of demonetized notes returned, says RBI report  - As per the RBI data, total 98.96% of currency has returned to the banks.

3. Consumer is king if new law gets nod

The new consumer protection bill has following provisions.

A)    product liability

B)     Consumer can lodge a complaint form anywhere

C)     Complainant need not be accompanied by a lawyer.

D)    A consumer can reach consumer for being misled.

E)     Central consumer protection authority is expected to come up on the lines of the US Federal trade commission.


BRICS off the wall

BRICS has a very humble beginnings as BASIC. Today, it established it self as a strong voice for south - south cooperation on multi lateral issues. It s relevance and importance is proven in Copenhagen climate change talks. it is also building an alternative financial architecture to the existing Brettonwood institutions. New development bank, an initiative of BRICS has already gave development loans of $6bn.


India and china are the largest economies of BRICS. Cooperation among them is the utmost importance for its future. Doklam stand off and other border irritants can undermine the future cooperation.


From Indian perspective, china not cooperating India’s entry in to NSG, not listing Masood Azhar as an international terrorist are he concerns. On the other side, India not joining Belt and Road initiative, close cooperation with Japan and USA are concerns of China.


In future, india has to carefully calibrate its position in BRICS. The reasons are as follows

  1. China is taking of BRICS+ with Pakistan, Mexico, Sri Lanka. India shall definitely have objections to include Pakistan.
  2. All members of BRICS have a close economic and trade relations with China. Other than Brazil, all other members are also participants to Belt and road initiative.
  3. Russia-China- Pakistan axis is developing on issues of Afghanistan. It can be damaging to the interests of India.


Powering Aspirational India

India’s percapita consumption of power is expected to grow by 6 times by 2050. In this scenario, existing power generation capacities fall highly inadequate. As countries grow, share of electricity in energy mix is also expected to grow among them. So, India shall explore full potential of renewable and Nuclear energy.


Apres le deluge

Mumbai floods reflect a grave shortfalls  in Indian urban management. Inspite of increased accuracy of forecasts, administration has failed to take sufficient steps to decrease damage. So, the way forward to mitigate the risk is

  1. Clearing of drainage channels and removal of encroachments.
  2. Protection of wetlands
  3. Development of flood risk maps and restriction of development activities in these areas.
  4. Development of first response protocols for city administration.
  5. Promoting insurance cover for householder losses.


Pragmatic in London

After Brexit referendum, language of the mainstream parties, strong supporters of Brexit is changing. Labour, conservatives are willing to continue in common market. They are also ready to pay losses to EU to the tune of 60-100bn Euros. It can make Brexit process clean and better.


Rainbow of possibilities


SC of India in suresh Kumar Koushl vs Naz foundation case upheld the constitutional validity of section 377 of Indian penal code which declares carnal intercourse against the order of nature a crime.


Supreme Court of india in KS puttuswamy vs Union of india case held that privacy is a recognition of personal choice and autonomy. It can put section 377 to rest and on positive side, it establishes sexual orientation as an essential attribute of privacy.


Managing embankments

In most of the cases, breach of embankments can be cited as a reason for flooding. Community management wth necessary incentives in maintaining and monitoring them can lead to their better. Maintenance.



Read and Think on these

  1. Belt and road initiative
  2. BRICS


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