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My Notes 1-SEP-2017 01-09-2017

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GDP growth boards slow train at 5.7%

Indian economy has recorded a GDP growth of 5.7% in April-June quarter. It is majorly due to slow down in industrial production. The growth of eight core infrastructure sectors also came down to 2.4%. Other reasons that can be cited are demonetisation and Pre GST effect.


PSLV launch fails

After 39 successes, PSLV C39 mission carrying the replacement Navigation satellite IRNSS-1H failed.


India thanks Switzerland for support in global fora.

Switzerland has supported India on its entry in to Missile technology control regime, NSG and is recommending it for a membership in Australia group and the Wassenaar arrangement. Added to this, India pursuing Switzerland on a mechanism for automatic exchange of information on financial issues. Indian Prime Minister thanked visiting president of Switzerland Ms Doris Luethard for cooperation.



Shifting goal posts

Stated objectives of Demonetisation are

  1. To curb black money
  2. To fight counterfeit currency
  3. To fight terrorism
  4. Later, reducing cash transactions also has become an objective


As per the latest RBI report, 99% of total high value bank notes demonetized have returned to banks. It mean that only 16,000cr rupees did not return to the estimated windfall gain of 3-5 lakh crore by Government.

Government now claims that increased tax returns, raised digital payments are due to demonetisation. They could have been achieved through other means with out robbing country of its economic momentum.


Ray of hope

Demand for separate state by Gurkhas in Darjeeling hills is a long one. Later, semi autonomous council and Gurkha hill Territorial administration are created to address the concerns related to autonomy.

Unlike other states, here

  1. Demand is in one of the border states.
  2. Hill region is a vital economic source for the entire state.
  3. Region can become a security concern for the nation.


Understanding the Chinese mind

Doklam standoff was eased through diplomacy. India agreed to disengage and china agreed to make necessary adjustments and deployment on its part. It mean that it will defer the construction of road but it will still patrol the region a like in the past. In this scenario, this deescalation of tensions shall be seen in the broader perspective of china’s ambition to rise as a global power. Any belief that china has been deterred can be misplaced.

To elaborate

  1. Chinese minds tends to be relational dictated by context and relationship. At this point of time, priority for china is to project it self as a global power aspiring for peace. So conduct of BRICS summit is very crucial.
  2. China is currently seeking to reshape the regional and international order, and is keen to finetune its great power diplomacy. Belt and road initiative is a potent instrument in this direction. It needs a peaceful environment to  succeed.
  3. China’s economy is slowing down. Energy is very crucial for revival of its economic growth, peace is Asia is vital to ensure uninterrupted supplies of oil.
  4. Internally, disturbances and unrest are growing in China. Unrest in Tibet and Xinjiang province, economic imbalances between coastal and hinterland states need to be addressed.

So, it can be stated that China tends to take a longer term view of its future. It prefers a protracted. Campaign to secure a relative advantage rather than an outright conflict. It did it already in china-Vietnam conflict in 1980.


Is it time to review section 377

Section 377 of indian penal code criminalizes a sexual activity against the order of Nature. Delhi High court in Naz Foundation case declared it as unconstitutional. Later, Supreme court in Suresh Kumar Koushal vs Naz foundation case reversed the above Judgement. Later, in puttuswamy vs Union of India case Supreme Court held that sexual orientation is part of privacy of an Individual and is essential for dignity. So, it is expected that Section 377 will be given a decent Burial.

Arguments in favour of burial of section 377 are

1, it has made homo sexuals ad transgenders victims of police violence.

2. Section 377 is an extension of religion. it has its base in Christianity and is of colonial existence.  In today s progressive rights era it has no space. UK also has removed it from legal books.

3. Sexual orientation is no more considered as a pathology by medicine. It has proven to be Normal.

4. Criminalization can effect the health and dignity of the individual with a different sexual orientation. It has made them susceptible to diseases like HIV.

5. State can not encroach personal space of an individual and criminalization of sexual orientation is violative of provisions of Art 14,15 and 21 of the constitution.


A water Umpire

Centre is about to bring in an amendment to Interest state river water disputes act of 1956. The major changes are

  1. If a state Government approaches the centre with a dispute, the later shall set up a dispute resolution committee to resolve the dispute amicably. If not resolved, centre by notification will refer the matter to tribunal.
  2. The tribunal shall consist of a chairperson, vice chairperson and not more than 6 members to be nominated by CJI from judges of Supreme Court and High courts. The term of office for chairperson is for five years or till he attains the age of 70 years.
  3. Tribunal shall give its award in 4.5 years and it shall be final and binding.



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