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My Notes 11-SEP-2017 11-09-2017
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Will turn J&K in to heaven: Raj Nath

Government of India and congress party have started independent outreach programs to Kashmir.  Objective of these is to have an open dialogue with kashmiris and to understand the changing ground realities. During the visits, Home minister Raj Nath singh praised sacrifices made by J&K police.


Dhaka plea made MEA shift stand

Prime Minister Modi visit to Myanmar did not raise ongoing humanitarian crisis in Myanmar.  crisis raised burden of refugees on Bangladesh. Insistence of Bangladesh has made India to change its stand on Rohingya crisis.


India - USA in talks for C-17 deal.

India is in talks with the USA for buying another Boeing C17 globe master transport aircraft.


NPA’s challenge is to avoid delays

As per Insolvency and bankruptcy code, financial institutions can file for bankruptcy cases with the National companies Law Tribunal(NCLT). NCLT is expected to admit or reject the case with in 14 days. After admission, an insolvency professional will be appointed to work out the resolution process. if he/she fails to do so in 180 days( extendable to another 90 days) company goes for liquidation.

Here, major challenges are

  1. Lack of sufficient capacities with NCLT
  2. Training to Insolvency professionals
  3. Appeals in the high courts and Supreme Court can delay the process.


GST: efficiencies have risen in Manufacturing

  1. GST has raised efficiencies in manufacturing sector. it is expected to have a rebound effect on economy as most of the services dependent on vibrant manufacturing sector.

There are certain issues that need to be addressed.

  1. Anti profiteering causes need to be clarified.
  2. Input credit is not allowed for few products. it will not make GST cycle complete.,
  3. Few of the products like oils and natural gas are kept out of GST. it mean companies running based on this will not get input credit.



SEBI has recently proposed rules to improve credibility and functioning of rating agencies. Rating agencies shall guide financial institutions and investors in their Judgements. they are very critical for a market economy. In India, there are multiple examples where highly rated companies have got defaulted.

Rues suggested by SEBI are

  1. Cross shareholding between rating agencies with out regulatory approval is limited to 10%.
  2. Increasing minimum net worth requirements for existing and new agencies form rs 5cr to 50 cr.
  3. At least five years experience for promoters of rating agencies.

If rules are carefully observed, they are expected to tighten the entry barriers to new comers in to rating business. So, best way to regulate is to improve competition. So, reducing entry barriers can be key.


Spanish steps.

Independence of Catalonia is for discussion and voting again. It is gouging to bring in inconveniences to EU. On one side, it can not reject popular opinion in Catalonia and on the other side, it shall not appear as encouraging independence movements among its member countries.

On the other hand, central government if tries to tighten the grip on Catalonia, it is going to raise the demands of self determination further. So, a calibrated action is necessary.


The disaster next door

India for centuries is a land of hospitality and inclusiveness. It has liberally accepted the people who are victims of persecution. India not standing by Rohingya s in Myanmar goes against this tradition. India is very active in condemning terror violence in Rakhine state and is blind to the plight of Rohingyas. It has diminished India’s moral authority to human rights and minorities issue across the world. India shall insist on implementation of Kofi Annan report.

Rohingya crisis has created a humanitarian crisis in Bangladesh. India’s present stand can affect India- Bangladesh relations.  Today, India - Bangladesh relations are at their best and Bangladesh is one of the trusted neighbour for the country.


Probe the conspiracy angle

Acts of violence, abusive messages, celebration of murder to silence an ideological opposition is antagonistic to the stated objectives of freedom of expression in our constitution.


A forest policy on today s terms

  1. India’s National forest policy 1988 has vague terms with out proper definition like - environmental stability and ecological balance. So, clear definition of words like forest need to be reined. 
  2. Added to this, protection of catchment areas of rivers, lakes, reservoirs to enable natural vegetation to grow shall be a vital national goal.


Silencing reason

Rationalists question deeper social believes and they go to core of the issues. Lokayata philosophy, Buddhists in ancient India belong to this. Their work is the forerunner of social change. So, it is natural for them to enrage conservatives. So, violence shall not be answer for this debate.




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