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Petrol, Diesel should come under GST, Says Pradhan

Oil Minister Dharmendra Pradhan opined that

  1. Petroleum products shall be brought under GST
  2. He ruled out any movement back to regulated prices.


Shinzo Abe promises peace in Indio-Pacific region

Prime minister Shinzo Abe stated that India and Japan relations will lead the way towards peace and prosperity in India pacific region. Prime minister Shinzo Abe is in India for an annual summit. Inauguration of an high speed rail and bilateral security dialogue are expected to happen in this visit. Prime Ministers Modi and Abe will also review recent progress in special partnership and strategic and global partnership.


India – Russia war games in oct

India and Russia are conducting Indra exercises – a bilateral triservice exercisess in October.


RBI is not comfortable with Bitcoins

RBI executive director sudarshan sen stated that RBI is not comfortable with non fiat crypto currencies.


Equality for what?

Poverty is a social phenomenon. It is a wrong done to one class by another. Existence of large number of poor pose a direct threat to the social order. India today has the highest levels of inequality in history. Poverty is the effect of inequality as well as the prime signifier of inequality. It do not allow the people an opportunity to participate in social, economic and cultural transactions from a plane of equality. So, political narrative of the country shall shift a focus towards addressing inequalities.


We need to talk about rural distress

In India, as land holding size decreases, debt to income ratio is rising. It mean marginal farmers are most vulnerable and holds higher levels debt in relation to their income. As land holding size is decreasing over years in India, distress is expected to Increase.

Loan waivers are not a long term solution for agricultural distress  and are detrimental to credit discipline. It disincentivised the creation of a formal credit culture among farmers. So, way forward is

  1. Greater subsidies could be extended for the purchase of agricultural equipment, fertilizers and pesticides. It can reduce input costs.
  2. MGNREGA scope can be increased to cover tilling of farm lands of marginal farmers.


A Cambodian slide

Prime minister Hun Sen attitude to criminalize opposition and Media in Cambodia is pushing it towards another dictatorial rule. Great power game and rivalry in south East Asia between USA and China is helping him to play between them and evade responsibility.


Towards War’s end in Syria

Today, Syrian war is entirely focussed on ISIS. It is expected to shift against rebels held positions in Idlib. Russian and Iran support has strengthened the position of president Assad. On the other side, UN agencies are initiating an Enquiry on use of chemical weapons of Assad regime.


Sub Nationalism is not a threat

Karnataka state has recently proposed to have a separate flag for itself and there is also a resentment on use of Hindi in Naming station in banglore Metro. So, it is feared that growing sub nationalism in India can be a threat to Nationalism.

On contrary, following observations can be made

  1. Historically, any action that have strengthened pluralistic idea of India has strengthened its unity.
  2. Indian constitution possesses a flexible constitutional order that enables creative solutions to sub national aspirations.
  3. As per Yogendra Yadav, India can be classified as a state-Nation which respects Multiple but complementary socio cultural identities and provides multiple mechanisms to accommodate political claims arising out of these identities.
  4. Accommodation of linguistic and social identities have provided for a positive social outcomes. It can be clearly appreciated in the case of Tamil Nadu and Kerala.







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