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15 September 2017


North Korea : Japan draws in India

India and Japan have displayed a strategic convergence on various international issues.

  1. They have asked North Korea to shut down Nuclear and Missile programmes.
  2. Japan will be assisting India in dealing with cross border terrorism. Joint statement sought the implementation of resolution 1267 of the UNSC to counter cross border terrorism.
  3. Japan calls for free and open Indo pacific strategy - A strategy strategy that aims to create a “free and open” AsiaPacific region which connects parts of eastern Africa, south Asia and southeast Asia with the western Pacific Ocean region and Japan.



A home and in the world

Indian government decision to deport Rohingya immigrants can be a violation of International and domestic law. As per UN convention on refugees there is a provision for non re foulement. According to this, It mandates that no state shall expel or return a refugee to the frontiers of the territories where his life or freedom are threatened on account of his race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion. Exceptions to this are, Refugee shall not be a danger to the security of the country or shall not be involved with war crimes or crimes against peace and humanity.

India, though not a signatory of the convention, most of the provisions of it today are considered as a customary international law. Added to this, High courts of Delhi and Gujarat held Non refoulement as a protection under Art 21 of the constitution.


Creating corridors of certainty

A genetic study suggests that Ranathambore’s tigers suffers from low genetic diversity and isolation. A Healthy growth of tiger population requires genetic flow to remain robust. But, decrease in habitat area and interconnected corridors for free movement of tigers is decreasing tiger population.


Good and Simple tax.

GST launch has shown a remarkable improvement in indirect tax collection. But, technical clutches and uncertainty on rates related to various products is creating a challenge. So, improving GSTN’s operational capacity is need of the hour.


Fourth time lucky

Angela Merkel is contesting for fourth time in elections and her victory appears near certain for the following reasons.

  1. Opposition Social Democratic Party did not offer any different policy choice from Merkel. So, Voters will be willing to go forward with experienced person.
  2. Merkel today is considered as the face of liberal world. Growth of Xenophobic Anti Immigrant parties is considered as a threat to European unity by liberal elements.


Can india ignore the Rohingya Crisis?

  1. India was always a home to refugees. Tibetans, Bangladeshi’s, etc. India is morally obliged to do so.
  2. Peace and stability in the Rakhine state is important for India’s economic investment. India’s proposed Kaladan Multi modal transit transport project depends on peace in rakhine state.
  3. India expects Myanmar’s role in its Act east policy.

On the other side,

  1. India being too open about Rohingya issue can damage its relations with Myanmar. it can tilt it towards china.
  2. Illegal immigrants can create social tensions as they are expected to change local demography.
  3. Rohingya’s based on their poverty levels can become easy targets for ISI and Pak based terror groups.




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