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Centre will respect J&K’s special status, says Rajnath

Home minister Rajnath singh has clearly stated that special status of J&K under Art 370 and property rights guaranteed under Art 35A of the constitution will be respected. He reiterated 5C’s as a permanent solution to the issue of J&K. - compassion, communication, coexistence, confidence building and consistency.


Parties call for Hybrid system

Congress, NCP, CPI have told a parliamentary panel that the existing first pass the post system need to be replaced with an hybrid system. In this, small number of seats in the legislature need to be replaced through proportional representation.


Aviation, home ministries spar over regulating drones.

The ministry of civil aviation has raised few objections to the home ministry’s bid to frame a new law to regulate unmanned aircraft systems.



In the air

The No fly list rules of ministry of civil aviation can help airlines to handle unruly passengers. The growing air rage among VIP’s , common people need to be taken for urgent consideration. At the same time, No fly list shall not be misused for suppressing passengers genuine grievances and service inefficiencies of airlines.


New strategy, old Game

USA Government has recently presented its Afghanistan strategy as a regional approach. There are important take aways.

  1. A military commitment with out a deadline in Afghanistan is a game changer. President Trump has announced the role of forces in USA is to fight terrorism and safe heavens of Terrorists. It has clearly changed quality of America’s military presence on the ground.
  2. President Trump also unequivocally stated that an increased cooperation is expected from Pakistan. He warmed Pakistan not to host or provide safe heavens to terrorists. Military Assistance to Pakistan is also suspended. Geo strategic location of Pakistan makes it a necessary partner in this fight. Afghan president Ghani has rightly sold that Pakistan shall make best use of Afghanistan Economic potential.
  3. India’s role is more constructive in Afghanistan. Policy also clearly stated India shall work with Afghan’s domestic factions to widen political legitimacy of the current Government. India is the most trusted nation in Afghanistan. India, on the other side wants to remain self restrained to it constructive role in capacity building.
  4. At the same time, USA and China did not show much enthusiasm on the policy. Russia has termed a strategy a dead end with out china and Pakistan on board.


The resilience of our lIberalism

Remember the following statements

  1. Constitution does not embody rules for the passing hour but principles for an expanding future. Judge Cardozo.
  2. Judicial activism makes Supreme Court a co governor of the nation - Upendra Baxi


Reappraising the Raj

In colonial regime, there were few finest officers that changed India. They are remembered and revered across India. Macaulay is one such a man who gave India rule of law by documenting its penal code. Added to this, he also laid foundation for English education in India.


State on the other side

Individual rights are the basis for our constitution. But, Indian state is presenting itself on the other side in relation to upholding these. it is either in case of right to privacy, marital rape state tried to argue against individual liberties and choices.


The track to success

Successful and timely completion of bulletproof train project will be a game changer in many ways.

  1. Economic benefits - including infrastructure development and job creation. Investment in infrastructure has always benefitted job creation ad economic growth, ex - golden quadrilateral
  2. Technological development
  3. Cultural transformation - It rises confidence of Indian engineering establishment to think big and a culture of efficient project implementation can be imbibed.
  4. Ecologically,  bullet trains are expected to decrease carbon foot print.



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