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TN speaker disqualifies 18 rebel AIADMK MLAs

18 MLA’s supporting Dinakaran faction in Tamil Nadu are disqualified by the speaker on grounds of anti defection law. ( can anti defection law applies here or not is questionable)


Rohingya’s have terror links : centre

Centre has put forward following arguments to retribution Rohingyas

  1. Terror elements are trying to enter country through this route.
  2. Illegal immigrants would eat in to welfare budget meant for Indian citizens.
  3. Illegal immigration can cause demographic changes in the border districts and can cause social tensions.


A Partisan ruling

Suspension of 19 MLA’s by Speaker of Tamil Nadu Legislative assembly is a clear show of Partisanship. Speaker has interpreted their memorandum to Governor expressing lack of confidence in the chief minister as amounting to voluntarily giving up their party membership.

As per the Anti defection law, No such interpretation is possible. According to it, either members have to resign to the party or shall act against the  whip of the party. Nothing of this sort happened here.

Governor not convening a floor test is also rising doubts on his intention. As speaker decision on 10th schedule is subjected to Judicial review, matter is expected to go to Judiciary. Supreme Court in Bal-chandra L. Jarkiholi & Others v. B.S. Yeddyurappa (2011), case has quashed disqualification of 11MLA’s in Karnataka.

Political Morality has took another blow in Indian politics.


A hand from Hamas

Hamas and Fatah are re approaching each other. It is an important development as Hamas in recent days has toned down its rhetoric.

  1. It has softened its stand on Israel and for the first time it has accepted the idea of Palestinian state based on the 1967 border.
  2. In the latest move, it is proposing for a reconciliation government based in Ramallah to run Gaza and hold elections in the territories.

The biggest challenge is Hamas is seen as a terrorist organisation by countries like USA, EU Israel. Than, How this reconciliation will work is a big question.


Guaging the status quo

Observations of MK Narayan

  1. BRICS is out of sync with current realities. Current summit in Xiamen did not any important issues of the day. North Korean, west Asia or South China Sea. At best BRICS has helped Indian Prime Minister to project to the business community how open economy emerged in India. He also gave 10 commitments for skilled, healthier and equivalent world.
  2. Though counter terrorism, cyber security and disaster management are discussed, no action plan was put forward.
  3. On bilateral front, mistrust developed between two countries appears to be too deep. But, china and India want to maintain peace at the border for their own reasons.
  4. China also facing increasing threats from terrorism and dream of xi Jingping to make China as a superpower to be realised, peace is very much necessary.


Questions about the GST cess

GST compensation cess is introduced for the purpose of compensating the loss making states due to GST. But, Cess is meant for a special purpose and the contributor and beneficiary must be relatable. No such conditions exist in the case of GST cess. So, its constitutional validity comes in to question.









Reimagining the OBC quota

Sub categorisation of OBC’s provides an opening to ensure social justice works better.

If benefits of the reservations have to reach to wider section of population following steps are necessary

  1. Accurate socio economic caste data need to be developed to understand relationship between backwardness and caste.
  2. Improving quality of education to all marginalised groups can address caste based inequality,
  3. Use of quota need to be limited to once in a person’s life time.




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