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Suu Kyi promises to resettle verified Rohingya Refugees

Ms Suu kyi addressing international audiences has promised that Myanmar is ready to take back refugees in accordance with verification process agreed with Bangladesh in 1990. She also promised to punish any one guilty of abuses regardless of their religion, race or political position. India welcomed her statement as a positive development.

It is also criticised that Suu kyi speech did not touch ongoing military violence in Myanmar against Rohingyas.



Targeting Refugees

Though India is not a signatory of UN convention of Refugees, it has always stood for its Normative values. Non refoulement is an established value in internaitonal human rights. According to this, a country can not send a refugee to a geographic location where he can face retribution on grounds of race, religion, political views etc. Art 21 of Indian constitution is available to everyone on Indian soil including non citizens.

India has its own Strategic and diplomatic reasons for backing the Myanmar position. But, arguing in court that Rohingya’s can cause security threat or they may involve in violence against Buddhists in India is far fetched.


In Vivekananda’s country?

Vivekananda in his famous speech to world parliament of religions on September 11, 1893 stated that I am proud to belong to a nation which has sheltered the persecuted and the refugees of all religions and all nations of the earth.”

India’s stated position on Rohingya refugees in supreme court goes against to this.


India needs to push for a new deal

Intellectual property rights are meant to protect the commercial interests of the inventor. But, in the larger aspect of global trade and investments, they are becoming tools of profits for global companies. West is actively lobbying with developing countries to strengthen patent regime, even at the cost of developmental needs of poor countries and its poor people.

Trade agreements are becoming a prime vehicles to supplant its domestic standards of IP protection in partner countries. In a way, multilateral regimes are getting side stepped. At  Multi lateral forums like WTO, there are demands to include new issues like E commerce. Developing countries need to be watchful. Beyond this, ever greening of patents is a big challenge from MNC’s.

UNCTAD report also identifies patents as an instrument of unfair market power across the markets. It has called for stronger measures in developing countries form undue influence of MNC’s in Pharmaceuticals. Media, ICT etc.


The Kurdish vote

Kurds are spread across three nations and they live in Minority in all these Nations - Turkey, Iraq, Syria. In syria, Kurd s declared a provincial Government. In Turkey, Kurds demand for Autonomy is a burning issue. In Iraq, Kurdistan regional government took a decision to go ahead with independence referendum.

It clearly shows that Iraq Kurds are not ready to accept the continuation of status quo.





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