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22 September 2107



Rajnath: Rohingya are illegal immigrants, not refugees

Home minister Raj Nath singh has clearly stated that Rohingya’s did not follow any procedures to be called as refugees in India. So, they need to be categorised as illegal immigrants.


Co operatives should help farmers double their income : Modi

Prime Minister Modi has asked cooperatives to come up with innovative business ideas to help farmers to double their income by 2022. He also emphasised that cooperative spirit shall be kept alive and strengthened.


No role for India in Afghanistan - Abbasi - Pakistan Prime Minister


Plan soon to revive investments : Jaitely



Solving the Afghan Riddle

USA policy on Afghanistan announced by President Trump stands on

  1. More pressure on Pakistan
  2. No early USA withdrawal from Afghanistan
  3. Robust military action on counter terrorism
  4. Greater role for India.


Historically observed, India enjoyed good relations with Afghanistan except for a brief period Taliban are at the power. Immediately after independence India  signed a treaty of friendship with Afghanistan and in 2011 India is the first country to sign a strategic partnership agreement with Afghanistan. India always wanted to have a stable, strong, democratic Afghanistan. So, Afghan people see Indian assistance with a very positive orientation for the reasons that India never tried to interfere in its internal affairs.

  1. As on today, India’s assistance can be counted as close to $2bn and most of it is spent in creating infrastructure and public institutions.
  2. India is also in favour of reconciliation process which has overall Afghan support and is based on internationally accepted red lines.
  3. Chahbahar port, India building in Iran can increase Afghanistan connectivity to the outside world.


Added to this, there are unfair attempts to link Afghanistan issues to India - Pakistan relations. If observed, India-Afghanistan relations, or Pakistan - Afghanistan relations are impacted by the ups  and down’ of India Pakistan relations. In 1965,1971 wars , Kashmir issue Afghanistan has not Publicly supported India.


So, in future for Afghan stability

  1. A strong state is necessary. So, building Afghan national security forces is important.
  2. Afghanistan is at the junction of energy flows. It is between supplier nations and consumer nations. Building pipelines can make it economically stable. Ex - TAPI


Turn the page to a new chapter

India and China shall work together and ensure trust to manage differences. Presently

  1. Economic and trade cooperation are gaining momentum.
  2. People to people exchanges are thriving.
  3. Local exchanges are booming. India and china have established 14 pairs of sister cities and provinces.
  4. Two countries have maintained close high level communications.


It is the time both countries focus on growing protectionism that can hamper opportunities. India and China also can consider negotiating a treaty of good neighbourliness and friendly cooperation. They can restart negotiations on free trade agreement, strive for an early harvest on boundary issues, can actively explore strategic synergy between China’s Belt and Road initiative and India’s Act East Policy.


Taper Time table

US fed is trying to adjust its balance sheets and a time plan is been provided.  Interest rates are expected to go up . India shall keep itself ready for the same.


Freedom from fear

Recent attacks on Journalists show the plight of press freedom of India, Though press freedom do not have a specific mention in our constitution, it is implicit in Art 19(1) (a) of the constitution. Appraisals such as world press freedom index already kept India in a very low ranking at 133 out of 136 countries.



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