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My Notes 23-September-2017 23-09-2017

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1. Strident Pakistan presses for UN envoy on Kashmir

Pakistan has continued its efforts to internationalise the Kashmir Issue. It has requested for an UN envoy and accused India of Human rights violations..

2. Hasina floats five point peace plan

Prime Minister Hasina has proposed a five point peace plan -

A)    Myanmar must stop the violence and the practice of ethnic cleansing in the Rakhine State un-conditionally, immediately and forever;

B)     the UN Secretary General should immediately send a fact finding mission to Myanmar;

C)     all civilians, irrespective of religion and ethnicity, must be protected in Myanmar; for this, ‘safe zones’ could be created inside Myanmar under UN supervision;

D)    sustainable return of all forcibly displaced Rohingyas in Bangladesh to their homes in Myanmar must be ensured; and

E)     the recommendations of the Kofi Annan Commission Report must be implemented immediately, unconditionally and entirely.




Tax trauma

Glitches in the GST regime are creating anxiety among the Indian Business. Few of them are

  1. GST Network is not completely ready.
  2. Exporters already have warned the Government that delays in returning the input credit may get their 65,000cr capital locked up.


Hopes and Fears

Interim report of Steering committee of the constitution assembly of Sri Lanka is released. it proposes for

  1. abolition of executive presidency.
  2. Introduces the concept of subsidiarity
  3. Election system is proposed to be shifted from the present proportional representation to a mix of proportional representation and first pass the post system.
  4. Creation of a second chamber representing provinces.

It envisages an undivided and indivisible country, with he provinces as the unit for devolution of power. A new constitution is expected to chart a new path of equality and reconciliation for itself.


Question of Numbers

More clarity is need in the law to prevent manipulation while conducting a floor test.

SC of India has already stated that floor of the house is only the place to ascertain the confidence enjoyed by the Government of the day.

In Tamil Nadu,

  1. Opposition did not move a no confidence motion and it is expecting Governor to call for a floor test.
  2. A faction of a ruling party MLA’s met Governor and submitted a memorandum on lack of confidence on their Government. Speaker has disqualified them under anti defection law.
  3. High court has restrained the issue of a notification for by polls and conduct of a floor test.


In Arunachal Pradesh crisis, Supreme Court held that The activities within a political party - like turbulence or unrest is not the concern of governor. It also stated that a breakaway faction could be legitimate and recognisable only if it constituted 2/3rd of a party and than only Governor can set a constitutional course of action. On the other side, if the Government losses confidence on the floor of the house through no confidence motion, governor can act. So, to order for a floor test or not falls under Governor discretion.


On speakers role - Disqualifying dissident MLA’s ahead of floor test has become a pattern in India. So, power to disqualify Legislative members under ANti defection law shall be shifted to an independant body like election commission.


From ocean to Ozone, the limits of our planet

  1. Ecological footprint of humanity is far exceeding the biological capacity of the earth.
  2. Many of the bio physical changes respond in a non linear manner on exposure to pollutants beyond a threshold.
  3. All these bio physical changes are interconnected to each other. So, a systems thinking is necessary.




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