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All Help, but no troops to Afghanistan

India has ruled out deploying troops in Afghanistan even as it pledged to expand development and medical assistance to Afghanistan.



Of paramount interest?

UN is often described as parliament of man, federation of the world. But, after 70 years of its existence, its relevance is being questioned. It appears it outlived its utility.

At UN’s 72nd General assembly Secretary General Antonio Guterres has stated “ we are a world in pieces, we need to be a world at peace. He highlighted seven biggest threats - Nuclear peril, terrorism, climate change, inequalities, cyber warfare and misuse of artificial intelligence, human mobility or refugees. But, none of the countries took a serious note of these challenges.

UN repeatedly reported to sanctions as a way out to regulate rogue nations. In reality, sanctions are isolating people of these nations and causing them hardships but not to the regimes. Kim Jong Un North Korea is a clear example.

UN has no guarantees/ protection  in place if any of the party unilaterally moves out from an agreement. For example,  USA is repeatedly threatening to move out form Iran nuclear deal, (P5+1 agreement) , climate change agreement.

On human rights issue, lack of an effective response from UN Rohingya crisis is its clear failure. Similar is the case with Terrorism cyber attacks.

So, it can be concluded that United Nations will not work effectively if it is used merely as a forum for destructive propaganda.


The fourth term challenge

Ms Angela Merkel is able to overcome the twin challenges of the Eurozone and refugee crisis and win the elections. Still certain warnings are present.

  1. Germany is entering in to a period of uncertainty - The right wing alternative for Germany is the third largest party in parliament.
  2. German political landscape is fragmented. Ms Merkel shall run a coalition with the liberals and ecologically minded Green Party.

The major reasons for the growth of right wing are a resentment towards Muslim immigration and a feeling that Germany is spending more towards Euro zone, NATO and Globally.


Power problem

Prime Minister of India has launched Pradhan Mantri Sahani bijou har ghar yojana ( Saubhagya) scheme to provide access to electricity to every household by 2018. It is the continuation of Deen Dayal Upadhyaya gram Jyoti yojana, Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana.

1. Though program provides an access to electricity connection, it do not address the real problem of affordability.

2. The power generation utilities are under utilised. The plant load factor of coal and lignite based plants is dropping consistently.

3. UDAY meant to restructure the debt of state distribution agencies did not address the financial problems of Discoms.


All these systemic problems need to be addressed to achieve power for all in India. 


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