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Prime Minister Launches saubhagya plan for household electrification

Prime Minister of India has launched saubhagya( Prime Minister Sahai bijou har Ghar yojana)  plan to provide access to electricity free of cost.


Economic panel to be revived. - Prime Minister economic advisory council is to be revived with Bibek debroy as its head.


James Mattis likely to push for Indian troops in Afghanistan.


Putin to Send special representative to India


Database soon of savings schemes linked with AAdhar


India - South Korea to upgrade FTA at the earliest.


Intervention, rethinking needed to stir demand



Merkel’s world

Angela Merkel won consecutively for the fourth time and she has the longest political career in German politics today. But, challenges before her are many.

  1. Right wing Afd is growling in Germany. It is a clear indication that people are not happy with consensus and compromise attitude of main stream political parties. A steady fragmentation of the polity is clearly visible.
  2. America is moving itself away from its responsibility of being a leader of free world. World is looking to Angela Merkel to be a leader of post war liberal world order.


Worrying downgrade

IUCN has downgraded Snow leopard to vulnerable status from endangered as its numbers have reached more than 2500. But the danger is far from over. Trafficking in  animals in Central Asia, hostility from communities because of its attacks on live stock, loss of habitat are the dangers before it.


Dairy of a very long year

It is an year after surgical strikes are over. If evaluated, following observations can be made.

  1. Line of control is no more a line unbreachable. This message is conveyed strongly.  Surgical strikes have called Pakistan nuclear bluff. It is good for regional stability.
  2. Ceasefire violations, terror activities increased like never before.
  3. Surgical strikes have reduced the critical distance between ceasefire violations and conventional escalations. A competition in risk taking has increased on both sides. 

On Indian side, surgical strikes strategy failed to have a consistency and commitment.  Pakistan response in supporting insurgency in Kashmir, attacks on the Indian army convoys and bases continued with out much reaction from New Delhi. So, surgical strikes are more a tactical victory for India but its strategic value is far from settled.


Waiting for a signal

Safety shall be the first priority for Railways. Adding more trains on the same tracks , focus on speed and punctuality with out proper maintenance and resources  is an invitation for disaster.

Government shall allocate budgets for maintenance and replacement of aged assets.


Solving food challenges with more research

UN sustainable development goals says - End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture. It needs following efforts.

  1. A rural and peri urban agricultural movement
  2. Integrating health, nutrition and agricultural production.
  3. Targeting underused crops such as millets, pulses and vegetables. Inclusion of millets in PDS is a welcome step.
  4. Bio fortification of food to overcome micro nutrient deficiencies.
  5. Empowering women is one of the best ways to improve nutrition. 


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