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The unilateral vote

Referendums are instruments of direct democracy. They are powerful tools to deepen participation and reflect public opinion in a democracy. But, their legitimacy depends on the institution calling for the vote and questions framed for referendum.

Referendums can reduce a decision in to binary as yes or no. If wider choices exist for participants it can better reflect public opinion. At the same tine, if the referendum is called by the central Government and is ready to accept the outcomes of the referendum, than it carries greater legitimacy.

 Referendum fro Kurdistan in Iraq and Catalonia in Spain lacks both of them. Referendum in Kurdistan is called for by the provincial Government. Baghdad is not  very happy and geo politically, Turkey, Iran are also apprehensive of the same.

In Spain, Catalans are subjected to centralisation and unitary principle during Franco rule. Now, Spain is more federal and powers are devolved to Catalonia. Inspite of this, economic crisis of Spain and unemployment has perpetuated the separatist movement.


Failing of the health care radar

India’s old age population is growing. But the health care system is not geared up to their needs. If health statistics are observed, age related disability, non communicable diseases are rising. National health policy did not give a sufficient focus on these aspects. Added to this, social networks and family support are important in handling age related issues. India social system shall gear up to this task.


Repeat and repent

Obama care or Affordable care act (ACA) is meant to increase health care access to poor. It gave control over health care decisions to patients away from insurance companies. Republicans criticised it as a policy meant to rise taxes and opposed it from beginning. Inspite o being in power, they are unable to repeat the act. It clearly exposes cracks in the republican super structure.


Confusing consent

Farooqi verdict risks widening the notion of consent as a defence in rape cases.


It’s time to scrap the Eunuchs act

Eunuchs act in AP mandates maintenance of a register for eunuchs and to punish them for offences associated with unnatural sex or if they  have children less than 16 under their custody.

It is violative of right to privacy as stated by the Supreme Court. It need to be repealed.



  1. CCS clears internal security scheme - Union government has approved 25,000cr for modernisation of police forces.
  2. Saudi ends ban on women driving.
  3. Army hits ultras on Myanmar border. - Army has hit the terrorists of NSCN(Khaplang) faction on Myanmar border.




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